Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X-ers - Episode Recap

Episode 8 - I'm The Kingpin

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 15, 2016

Millennial strategist

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We check in with Takali on moving day to find that they will also not be staying at their beach. Adam is also excited to have made the merge, but he knows that now is where the game really starts to kick in. Cue the titles.

We come back from break as two boats make their way to Vanua beach. The screaming from the boats wakes the orange tribe up. They are also excited about the merge, especially Zeke. He's excited to be off the bottom and in a place to possibly make some noise after the merge. As they disembark, all the previous alliances start hugging it out. Michelle and Jay. Ken and David. After all the hugs, they open up a couple of crates and have the Merge Feast. As they begin to eat, Jay tells us that he's in great shape as he has his alliance of Taylor and Michelle back. But he also has his Ikabula tribe, so he's feeling like the kingpin out there. I should also mention that the new merged tribe buffs are black. Very cool. They decide to introduce and tell a little about themselves so that everyone will now know everyone. Bret tells us that he's glad to see his buddy Chris, but he thinks he might be able to have something with Jay. Then he sees how all the millennials seem to get back together, he's not so sure he can stick with that. Chris tells us that he's not sure how this is going to work either. He likes his group with David and Zeke. And if he can add them to Bret and Sunday, they could do something.


Zeke tells us that he's excited to get back together with his nerd alliance of Hannah and Adam. They all get together and start sharing intel, especially the events that led up to Michaela getting voted out. Hannah tells them that she was blindsided as well and that Jay was the mastermind. This gets Zeke's attention and he starts noticing how the guys are all hanging out. He knows that Jay will control Taylor and Michelle's votes. And if he gets in with the Chris' and Ken's of the game, he could be in good shape. As we head to break, Zeke is telling us how worried he is about this sudden change in the tribe, all centering around Jay.

We come back from break to the new Vinaka tribe on Day 21. As people continue to pick at the merge feast food, Adam tells us that he's not that into the food and that he's more concerned about the merge tribe idol. My initial thought it that there probably won't be a merge tribe idol - not with all three regular tribe idols actually in play. But he's searching and searching. And since they're including this in the show, something is about to happen, right? Well, as he's looking around Tree Mail, he looks up into the thatched roof and sees a rolled up clue. This clue is a Reward Stealer. Once Jeff has presented the reward, but before the winner leaves the challenge area, he can speak up and steal the reward from the winner. Another Survivor first - but I'm not so sure I like this one. I'm trying to figure out exactly how you could steal someone's reward and not end up paying for it almost immediately. But, it is a pretty sweet kink in the game. I wonder if he'd have the balls to steal the family visit??

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