The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 10

Monkey Dance

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 2, 2016

Ultimate Frisbee is totally a sport!

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At the next clue box, Tyler realizes that he will have to perform the task for his team as Korey has done all the Roadblocks that he can. The good news is that this challenge is just leaping off a really tall rock (albeit five stories high). It’s scary, but it’s fast.

Back at the seaweed task, Kurt warns Brodie that the area is really slippery right as Brodie’s feet nearly go out from underneath him. Sheri & Cole have finished gathering chickens and coconuts, while Dana & Matt should have one more pass at it.

We remember at this point that Cole is incredibly afraid of heights, which makes it unfortunate that he chooses to do this Roadblock. Tyler is happy to do some stretches with the instructor at the top of the rock before jumping because the guy is cute.

Brodie & Kurt have finished the second half of the Detour and rub moisturizer all over their face. They’ll be moving on to the Roadblock. If Cole is too afraid to jump, they still have a remote shot at staying alive. Tyler notes that the jump itself isn’t too bad, but the landing in the water is a little bit rough.

With the Roadblock disposed of, Tyler & Korey will now be making their way to the Pitstop at the Bajra Sandhi monument. Burnie & Ashley are truly right behind them.


Although both Ashley & Burney worry that Cole will freak out and not jump, he handles the challenge like a champ. He doesn’t wait more than a few seconds. He’s off the rock and in the water. Matt should be at the top awaiting his turn.

The race for first place is genuinely close, but Tyler & Korey get there seconds ahead of Burnie & Ashley. They’ve won an Alaskan cruise. For Burnie & Ashley, it’s now their fifth second place finish in a row.

We get a few taxi shenanigans that allow Dana & Matt to finish in third. That means Sheri & Cole are in fourth place. All of the teams are on the mat, but Ashley says maybe they should all leave before the Frisbee boys arrive.

Even though we worry that there might be a non-elimination in store, Phil does in fact tell Brodie & Kurt that they are going home. The guys are good humored about the whole thing. Brodie mentions that he’s planning to visit Los Angeles for a few days, which makes Kurt roll his eyes. Enjoy your date with Blair, Brodie. We’re rooting for the two of you.

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