Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Power Rankings

Week 12

By Jim Van Nest

May 4, 2016

#1 with a muscular bullet!

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Week 12's Survivor: Kaoh Rong Power Rankings! This is my last week on the rankings - our good buddy Ben will be back to take us home this season. Last week, Julia was in the middle of my rankings last week and in the middle of all the alliances. Looks like some people got a little tired of that as the eyes of Aubry and Cydney fell on Julia and she was sent packing to Ponderosa. This week's previews all seem to center around Tai, his idol and his advantage. We're also getting some hints that Cydney may think about breaking off on her own. The only thing we can be sure of is that we can't be sure of anything. So, here's my final shaky Power Rankings for Kaoh Rong!

1) Cydney - I moved Cydney up this week because people are starting to notice that Aubry is the best player in the game. Aubry and Cydney have pretty much been working in tandem, but I'm not sure that anyone is really looking at Cydney as a threat. That leaves her in a great position to turn on Aubry and cement herself as the player to beat this season. She's played a solid physical game, everyone likes her and she's been a large part of the strategy. Aubry is still the best player, but it's looking more and more like Cydney is the most likely to win the game.

1a) Aubry - I'm not dropping Aubry too far. As of right now, she still has the dominant alliance, Joe in her pocket and Tai on her side. What she needs to do is figure out when to turn on Cydney. She has to pick the right time, which is right before Cydney turns on her. I just think Cydney is ahead of her in that regard. Ultimately, though, I could definitely see Aubry as a winner of this game and she'd make a damn fine one at that.

3) Kyle - "What's that?" you say. Kyle?? That's right. Kyle. Kyle was left alone in favor of Julia last week. He'll likely be left alone in favor of Tai this week and at some point, the Aubry/Cydney pair is going to break up. And when all is said and done, just like Chris Daugherty 23 seasons ago, Kyle could find himself in the Final Tribal with potential votes from Nick, Scot, Julia and Tai. Don't think for a second that the bounty hunter is out of this thing.


4) Michele - She turned on her biggest ally and bestie last week. That's great, I guess. She proved her loyalty...but ultimately, her loyalty wasn't really in question and she just got rid of her partner and an guaranteed vote. Michele is on an island out there right now and could find herself as the third wheel with Aubry and Cydney, Aubry and Joe or even Cydney and Kyle. I don't think Michele has enough of a resume to win the game, but she could very likely get the chance to plead her case to the jury.

5) Tai - I debated flipping Tai and Michele, because Tai does have an advantage and an idol. At the very least, the latter guarantees him a spot in the final five. If played right, he could guarantee himself a shot at the final four. I do think his only chance to get out of the final four, though, is to win immunity. No one wants to take him to the end. No one wants to sit next to the lovable Tai. This is why he's at the bottom of the list, I simply don't think anyone will want to sit next to him at the end.

6) Joe - Joe is almost a shoe-in to be in the Final Tribal and only the most bitter jury in the history of ever would award him the victory. Joe is still invisible, only being seen now when he bows out of challenges. He's a non-factor in the strategic game and is simply doing whatever Aubry does. That's an awesome way to get to the end, but a terrible way to win the game. You have to have something to hang your hat on and simply "not being voted out" isn't enough. It's also not enough to be the old guy in the cast, even if that translates to the second oldest person to ever play the game. No one will reward simply lasting to the end. They want to see that you did something to get there besides latch on to the game's best player.

And there you have it, kiddies, Week 12 Power Rankings are in the books. Keep your eyes peeled for my Episode 11 and 12 recaps, coming soon! It's also probably time to start talking finale. The Season 32 finale will be Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm (CST). It will be a two-hour finale with a one-hour reunion, so don't forget to cancel your plans for that night so you can see who will be crowned the Sole Survivor for Survivor: Kaoh Rong! 'Til next time, take care!



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