Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Power Rankings

Week 11

By Jim Van Nest

April 26, 2016

You don't look so smug now, we bet.

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Hello, good people, and thanks for coming back for another week's worth of Power Rankings. What a frickin' episode, am I right? Scot continued his descent into the Dark Side and Tai redeemed himself on the biggest stage. That being said, I think Tai totally screwed himself and that will be reflected in the Power Rankings this week. Overall, the rankings won't change too much, but there will be some shuffling at the bottom of the pile as Kyle will be forced to work his ass off if he wants to stay in the game and Tai is gonna be in the middle of a storm when he gets back to camp. We'll see how he weathers it. Anyway, without further ado:

Here are this week's Power Rankings:

1) Aubry - I see no reason to move Aubry from #1. If anything, I feel even stronger about this rank. I already said she was the best player out there and she went out and proved it this week. People will remember this as Tai's week, because he had the big move, but this was really Aubry's week. She turned Tai back to the good side. The conversation she had with him about head and heart in the game of Survivor was exactly what Tai needed to hear. He was already struggling with what he was becoming in this game, and when Aubry extended a friendly hand and then let him know that he had three more friendly hands waiting to bring him in, that was all it took. Aubry definitely has her finger on the pulse of this game right now. She should be the target next week, but with Cydney, Joe and now Tai with her, I don't think anyone can touch her right now.


2) Cydney - Cydney remains as Aubry's #1a. They're making decisions together, they're really getting along and they see the game the same way. Aubry's strong runs in the challenges this week may have opened some eyes that she's not just a strategic threat. She's also a challenge threat now. IF people pick up on that and IF people decide to target her for that, Cydney can emerge as the hands down favorite to win this thing. She's playing a very good game, keeping her emotions in check while always finding herself on the right side of the numbers and the vote.

3) Michele - Michele is quietly playing a really good game. She, too, is always on the right side of the numbers and the vote. She's Julia's bestie and she's in with Aubry and Cydney. And let's face it; if people ever smarten up, they're going to come for Aubry and Cydney, not Michele. Right now, I could easily see her sitting in the final three (or two, whatever the case may be)...but it will take a big move for her to come away with the win. It's in her to do it, but at this point, it will probably require her to turn on Aubry and Cydney in a way that lets everyone know SHE was the one pulling the strings on that boot.

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