Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Power Rankings

Week 10

by Jim Van Nest

April 20, 2016

Is there anyone here worth playing the game with?

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Hello, good people! Are you in for a treat today (and the next few weeks, actually). Our good friend Ben is off gallivanting around the world and has given me the keys to the Survivor Power Rankings. So - as if you're not already sick of my verbose recaps every week - now I get to give you three consecutive weeks of verbose Power Rankings!

Let's see - we've lost Nick and Debbie in the last couple weeks, and the power in this season seems to be ever shifting. from one alliance to another, as this season's strategy has been all over the board. These tactics have ranged from Scot's brilliant move several weeks back to stop Tai from saving Anna with his idol to Scot's horrible move last week to pour water all over the fire. The only person who we can count on for solid strategy week in and week out is Aubry - and no matter what she does, plans, or works out, something always foils her plans. But her plans are the right ones. And eventually, some people are going to realize that, but it'll be too late. She'll be sitting at the final Tribal with a super compelling argument for why she deserves to win the game.

So, let's get to the rankings - and I want to preface everything by saying that my rankings are based on who has the best chance to win the game. They are not based on who is most likely to go home this particular week.


Here are the Power Rankings for this week:

1. Aubry - Aubry is really playing a great game. She's been an underdog most of the season and she always has the right read on a situation. She has the best strategy in the game and is trying her best to make the right moves. She's been smacked in the face with horrible luck, including Neal's med-evac (with an idol), Joe's refusal to ever switch things up and being saddled with Debbie, who couldn't see past her blind hatred for the guys last week. All that aside, Aubry has still been on the right side of every single vote. I think she definitely has the best shot to win this game. Further, she's been our narrator for several episodes now - can you say "winner's edit?"

2. Cydney - Cydney is really playing a heads up game out there. She's also seen by others as playing a heads up game. She and Aubry are working hand in hand for most everything at this point, but if you were to ask around, the rest of the cast would give more credit to Cyd than to Aubry. The only reason I have Cyd below Aubry is because the guys are gunning for her. They had no chance of getting her out last week, but their chances improved with the Debbie vote. The split vote is pretty much off the table now, so the Super Idol could very easily spell doom for our girl Cyd. I'm still not convinced the guys are smart enough to pull it off, though. Hence, Cydney sits at #2.

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