Monday Morning Quarterback Part III

By BOP Staff

March 31, 2016

Don't worry, everyone. I probably won't destroy your city as collateral damage.

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Kim Hollis: What are your expectations for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and do this weekend's results impact your opinion in any way?

Jason Barney: Not really. I was a fan of the original print stories, so I plan on seeing the movie. Dawn of Justice may be unwatchable, but I can compartmentalize that and move on. I'll still see Suicide Squad when it comes out.

Ben Gruchow: The full trailer for Suicide Squad is some kind of weird masterpiece of timing, cutting, and music. I've been looking forward to the movie ever since the trailer was released, and DoJ doesn't affect that. It's also directed by a man with considerable skill, and instincts that appeal to me far more than Zack Snyder's do. If the DCEU has any kind of artistic future, I think it's going to look more like SS than DoJ.

Felix Quinonez: I think Suicide Squad looks great and I'm really excited for it. But my excitement is based on the trailers for the movie and is completely independent of Batman v Superman. In fact I'm also very excited that someone other than Zack Snyder will be handling a DC movie. I hope it's not too late to kick him off of the Justice League movies.


Kim Hollis: I actually think Suicide Squad may be slightly impacted by a bit of distrust in the DC brand. The good news for Warner Bros. is that I think there will be enough interest in seeing Harley Quinn (and the new Joker) onscreen to even out any losses they might have suffered otherwise.

David Mumpower: I consider the recent announcement that Suicide Squad is reshooting to add more humor the most obvious news item in ages. I've lamented the lack of humor in DC's movies for years now, and I was incredibly frustrated by the marketing for Batman v Superman. It felt insincere, bordering on abrasive. It seemed like the studio was trying to tell people what they wanted rather than listening to what they'd been saying. Now that Dawn of Justice has failed almost completely, WB has accepted that the hundreds of thousands of angry social media posts deserve their attention. If they'd acted this way in the wake of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman might have/should have turned out quite differently.

That's a long way to go to say that I do think Suicide Squad is tainted by what has transpired. Any remaining benefit of the doubt DC/WB might have had has vanished. Now, the marketing for Suicide Squad will have to demonstrate it's a cut above. The good news is fans have always responded better to it than to Batman v Superman, which means they want to like it. The issue is that they've been burned multiple times recently. I think that a strong marketing campaign and glowing reviews for Suicide Squad would guarantee that it opens north of $100 million. If word leaks that it's lousy, however, the entire build-up to a Justice League movie is in jeopardy.

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