Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Power Rankings

Week 6

By Ben Willoughby

March 23, 2016

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Previously on Survivor, there was a tribe switch and now we actually have to learn some tribe names.

Random chance meant that the female Beauty alliance was broken up, and after an extremely brief discussion about whether to vote out Tai, who provides food and is popular with everyone, or Anna the manipulative schemer, it was Anna who was sent home.

Here are the power rankings for this week:

Chan Loh

The Chan Loh tribe is evenly balanced with two Brains, two Brawns and two Beauties. Right now, the Brains and the Beauties are vying for the votes of the Brawn tribe, but that could change very easily after Chan Loh sees that a Beauty was voted off on the other tribe.

1. Neal

Neal managed to scrape in an idol discovery before the tribe switch (or so the editing would have you believe), and then was lucky enough to wind up back on the same beach where his idol is buried. I don’t know that I’d want to be up against luck like that.

Neal also seems interested in the possibility of a super-idol, if he can pair his idol up with someone else’s. It’s a great lure to get people to try to be the first to do something ever in the game, and encourage them to make bad decisions in the process.

2. Debbie

Debbie’s quietly aggressive game-play and misguided boasting-to-camera continues. She thinks that she and Neal have an alliance with the former Brawns – or as she puts it, “we have a foursome!” Not just any foursome, a “cyanide triple-bonded nitrogen four-some,” which makes no sense at all for several reasons, but the one I’m going with is that triple bonds involve two atoms with six bonding electrons. A double-bond, such as ethylene or acetone, would be the appropriate metaphor for two pairs from different tribes coming together to form an alliance. Despite my nit-picking, the editing does suggest that the Brawns are more receptive to the Brains on their tribe.

3. Cydney

Cydney seemed pretty excited at the tribe switch news, because no-one wants to be stuck on the Brawn tribe.

4. Jason

One of the advantages of being on the down-and-out tribe is that come a tribe switch or a merge, there are always bigger fish to fry. Jason has lucked out, going from the loser tribe to half of a swing vote bloc. Maybe he’s not jinxed like the tattoo on his forearm says he is. Not the forearm with “life’s a joke tattooed on it, the other one”.

5. Michele

Michelle finally got some camera time, in which she explains that it was “crushing” to have the girl’s alliance completely divided. Anyway, now she is stuck on an evenly-balanced tribe with Nick as her only ally. That's not a great spot to be in.

6. Nick

Nick, who knew he was on the outs on his old tribe, calls the tribe switch a “re-birth”. He has tried to make some bonds with new tribe members, which didn’t work last episode but may pay off next episode – that is, if his spit game is up to par.



The Gondol make-up will not change on paper this week, with three Brains, two Beauties and one Brawn. However, original tribes don’t mean to much on this beach with Peter an outsider among the Brains and Tai more connected with Scot than Julia.

1. Peter

Before the tribe switch, Peter felt “like a neutered dog” and decided it was “strategically crucial that I start pandering to these people,” so he gave out some free medical advice, which seems to be completely against his nature. The tribe switch changed everything – or nothing – as Peter was soon boasting to camera that he would “easily make it into the merge without any concern or even a bead of sweat down my eyebrow”.

Peter decides that he is in with the other Brains, telling Aubry and Joe about the logic of taking out a Beauty so the numbers stay with the Brains, and dismissing Aubry’s choice of Tai as “You want to get the primary provider out.” However, Joe made it very clear that Peter is a consulting partner only, and will not be involved in any of the decision-making.

But Peter’s not done – he decides to tell Tai and Anna that it would be one of the Beauties to go. And then tells Tribal Council that “I’m not concerned, because I’m in a position of power.” Add up all this Survivor karma and Peter’s eventual blind-side and comeuppance is going to be one of the finest ever.

Despite all this terrible gameplay, Peter’s in the best position on his tribe. He can stick with his fellow Brains and continue to run down the Beauties. Or he can change things up, shift over to vote with Scot and Tai and vote against Joe and Aubry.

2. Tai

Caleb may be gone, but there’s someone new with a man-crush on Tai. And it’s not just because Tai can scramble up a tree to harvest mangoes, it’s because he has one half of a super idol. Unfortunately for Tai, I don’t think he’s ever going to get high enough to go for a kiss.

I think Tai made a bad decision to reveal his idol, but as often seems to happen with Tai, it worked out for him anyway. Anna’s immediate enthusiasm that it was their idol to play tonight was a turn-off, and then Scot taking him aside and saying he shouldn’t play it gave him an out and an alliance.

3. Scot

Being the only Brawn on his tribe, Scot took it on himself to do all of the physical parts of the immunity challenge, as if to say “see, you guys need me.” He seems to be a lot more chill too, and I’m not sure if it’s because he’s no longer on the same tribe as Alecia, or on the same tribe as Jason. However, he’s still not a great player, with his dreams of playing a super-idol because he knows two people who have normal idols.

4. Joe

Joe has a scratch on his finger and no Medicare coverage. We don’t really see a lot of Joe, but he and Aubry are tight and not really including Peter as anything more than an available vote, which is not the way to appeal to his ego.

5. Aubry

Aubry said that she would go along with Joe’s choice to vote out Anna, but she still took the credit by informing Scot that Tai would be safe.

6. Julia

After several weeks of being absent on the show, Julia spent last episode absent from both tribes. And now she is stuck coming into a Brains-dominated tribe with no connection to anyone there but Tai, who after last week will think “it’s me or Julia.”

Next time on Survivor, Debbie totally crushes on Nick and hopes he lays down for her like a puzzle. I didn’t think this season could become less watchable but te salut, producers.



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