Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Power Rankings

Week 4

By Ben Willoughby

March 16, 2016

For brains, they don't have the best ideas.

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Previously on Survivor, at least no one was killed.

In non-medevac news, Alecia was voted out and the Brawn tribe will have to find someone else to blame everything on. “It has nothing to do with our crippling negativity, we swear!” Also, there was no alliance talk of any type, because the obvious person went home, half of the show was spent on medical emergencies and the Beauty tribe received zero non-challenge screen-time.

We have a tribe switch this coming episode, and with Brains and Beauty having five members each and Brawn with three, look for the Brains to try and vote out someone from the Beauty side and vice versa.

Here are the power rankings for this week, which are more about how I think they will cope with a new tribe than any actual power they have in their current situation:


1. Peter

He feels his tribe isn’t strong strategically because he doesn’t feel in charge any more. Instead of going off and sulking, Peter should have spent his time positioning himself as the swing vote on his tribe. Oh well, with the tribe switch he’ll have a whole new bunch of people to underestimate.

2. Neal

For someone who seems made for wacky, candid Survivor interviews, Neal isn’t getting much screen-time. It must be hard for a reality show contestant to have a goofy, oddball persona, yet be on the same tribe as Debbie.

3. Aubry

Aubry is about as low key as the hidden immunity idol at the Brains camp. For a bunch of brains, they’re the only tribe not to have found it.

4. Debbie

Debbie says we should call her “the mastermind” on her tribe. I prefer Probst’s description of “like a turtle birthing an egg.” I suspect Debbie is going to have trouble fitting in with whatever new tribe she is on.

5. Joe

Joe’s big moment last episode was sitting out the immunity challenge. Being the oldest person in the game and on one of the two large tribes that will want to take each other out, Joe could be in trouble if the tribe switch doesn’t go his way.



1. Tai

The tribe switch brings opportunities for Tai. The Beauty people will want to keep him close, despite not really trusting him. The people from the other tribes will be looking for loners who can join their alliance. And he has a back pocket idol to play. Also, I look forward to Tai picking out someone on his new tribe to cuddle with.

2. Nick

Nick gives the impression of wanting to play a more cutthroat game than he has been able to, so he’s probably looking forward to a tribe switch and the chance to orchestrate a vote-out or two. Unfortunately for Nick, he also gives everyone else the impression that they can’t trust him.

3-5. Anna / Michelle / Julia

In Tai’s words, “the girls get to pick who gets voted out”, but that probably won’t be true going forward. With Caleb gone, they have lost the person they most wanted to work with, and with the tribe switch it’s likely that one of these three would make an easy target. This could mean that we’ll actually get to hear a point of view from one of them!

Also, I’ve done four sets of power rankings for this season so far, and I’ve had to look up Julia’s name every time. Every. Damn. Time.


1. Jason

Jason has a tattoo under his left arm that looks like a multicolored Magic Tree air freshener. It has the word ‘anus’ on it. If a picture says a thousand words, that’s the picture that says a thousand words about Jason.

2. Scot

I’ll leave others to point out that Scot is an NBA champion without having played any championship games that year. The nicest thing I can say about Scot is that he kinda sucks.

3. Cydney

I am so hoping for Cydney to come up with some new alliance partners.

Next time on Survivor, there’s a tribe switch. I was really hoping Brawn would lose again, but now they’re basically the swing vote. Ugh.



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