Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 2 - Signed, Sealed and Delivered

By Jim Van Nest

March 14, 2016

We hope to see one of these people return. We'll leave it to you to guess which one.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to the most dramatic and powerful episode of Survivor - of ALL-TIME!!! Well, that's how they're billing it. Looks like the bulk of the cast will be med-evac'd tonight and just might be replaced by the cast of Fuller House. Cut-It-Out! Ok, that might be a little much. But all the lead up to this week's episode suggests some major issues during the challenge. Medical is called in, they call for a chopper and Jeff's nipples get so hard they could cut glass! This is some serious drama tonight, people!!

But before we get to that, let's get caught up with where we stand: Kyle has an idol that everyone knows about, Tai has an idol that no one knows about and Peter and Liz had a plan to demonstrate how two is greater than four. They really should have consulted Brad Culpepper for the math on this. Their two was no match for the rest of the Brains and (of all people) Debbie emerged as the Verbal Kent of the group, executing the perfect plan and sending the smug Liz to Ponderosa.

One quick note on this season’s roughness: Apparently, right after Tribal as she was getting the post-game medical exam, they found that Liz had a nasty staph infection on her back. She was rushed to the hospital where she had surgery to remove the infection. She has since had some plastic surgeries in the States to help fix that area on her back. Nope, not joking, it happened. So, maybe Probst isn't playing when he says this is the toughest season of Survivor yet. Anyway, it's about that time - everyone cross your fingers that none of the medical issues are too serious. And away we go...


So we begin tonight's episode at the Brains camp after Tribal. Peter is really bummed and Debbie has anointed herself the mastermind. Debbie tries to make him feel better saying she really did want him to stay. He tells us he can't wait for a swap or a merge so he can take them all out one by one.

And right off the bat, even before the credits, we have a Probst sighting. The screen tells me it's a #rewardchallenge. Today's challenge begins by jumping over some obstacles and then continues with digging through the sand to get the tribe under a log. The next step is to dig into the sand to dig up three bags of balls. They'll then skee-ball the balls up a ramp and land them on an inclined board. First tribe to finish wins a sweet kitchen set. Second tribe to finish wins some salt and pepper to make food taste a little better. Last tribe - got nothin' for ya.

The challenge begins and the tribes are all pretty even, but Brawn pulls away as they dig under the log. Brains is second under the log with Beauty right behind. Each group has one bag of balls dug up when exhaustion and the heat start to take their toll on, well, everyone. After 45 minutes, people are actually stopping. Brawn has two bags but no one can seem to find any more bags. Out of nowhere, Brains find both bags of balls and are on to the skee-ball portion. While the other tribes continue digging, I can't help but think...Really??? It's like 110 degrees outside...who the hell buried these bags of balls? Brains now has four of the six balls landed and are on their way to an easy win. Debbie and Peter each get a ball landed and Brains wins reward. The other tribes, however, are still digging. Caleb digs us a second bag and Nick finds #3. Beauty can start digging. Sitting on the mat waiting for the challenge to end, Debbie is having a rough time. Joe wants to call the medic; she keeps telling him not to. Finally, Joe alerts Jeff and they bring in medical to check her out. She thinks she's having heat stroke. Medical comes in, hooks up an oxygen meter to her finger and we cue the credits.

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