The Amazing Race Season 27 - Season Finale Recap

We Got a Chance, Baby

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 11, 2015

Kelsey even smiles like a robot.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, Justin & Diana finally had a terrible leg. After taking a cab when they could have walked to their next destination, their driver got them lost and delayed. Then, taking the Kowloon ferry instead of the Hong Kong ferry got them sacked with a 55-minute penalty. It unfortunately brought out Bad Justin, who doesn’t handle losing well.

Despite their misfortunes, one team fared much worse. Krista & Tiffany got hung up at the Roadblock, as Krista required five tries during a very long challenge to find the goldfish she needed so that they could proceed to the Pit Stop. In the end, #TheCheerleaders were eliminated, leaving us with a final three of Justin & Diana, Kelsey & Joey and Logan & Chris.

We shared our thoughts on these team’s abilities in our Power Rankings, but it really comes down to a race between #TheGreenTeam and #TheReporters. Even though they actually came up with a win in last week’s leg, we give #ThePaparazzi absolutely no chance of winning the million dollars. They’re just too toxic together.

So, with all that said, will Justin & Diana tie the record for most legs won by taking the final, most important one? Or will Kelsey & Joey finally break free of their long streak of second place wins to take the one that counts? We can’t wait to find out.

When the teams rip into their first clue of the leg, they’re instructed to fly to Long Island, New York. Justin is from the Bronx and claims hyper-familiarity with the area, so #TheGreenTeam feels like they have an advantage here. Since teams are traveling from Hong Kong to the United States, we probably don’t even have to tell you that they will all be on the same flight, so everyone is starting on even ground once they land.


The first destination upon arrival is the FDNY Fire Academy. Justin tries to negotiate with his cab driver to hang around, offering him $100 to wait for him. Instead, the cabbie asks for an additional $100 on top of that. Since that’s unreasonable highway robbery, Justin declines and says they’ll just try to get another cab when they’re done. He also doesn’t tip the guy.

The other two teams take the alternate approach. Both of them have their cabs remain to wait for them, though to be fair, their drivers weren’t trying to gouge them, either.

With the cab drama over(?), the next clue indicates that one member from each team will take on “the mother of all drills” with the New York Fire Department. The team members must climb up a ladder into a burning building, then go into a burning room to rescue a dummy. Once the dummy is delivered to safety, they’ll have to complete their first “memory challenge.” Justin, Chris and Joey take the challenge for their teams.

Justin gets through the challenge pretty easily, while Chris struggles a bit with some exhaustion and difficulty breathing. Joey isn’t far behind them in the rear.

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