Survivor: Cambodia - Power Rankings

Week 13

By Ben Willoughby

December 9, 2015

We're not so sure it's good to be #1.

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Previously on Survivor, Probst jerked all the tears by bringing out the loved ones. This resulted in a lot of castaways saying “I did it!” as though they were in a competition to spend a month away from their families, and the million dollar prize was just an afterthought. At the immunity challenge, the mental effort required to balance an idol on a 16-foot pole while not snickering at Probst’s “how much bend can you get in 16 feet of pole?” commentary caused Joe to collapse of mental exhaustion, lose and get voted out.

Seven are left. Here are the power rankings for this week.

1. Tasha

Tasha is playing both sides, being in with the all-girl’s alliance but also being the one to spill it to Spencer and Jeremy. It’s a good move by Tasha to establish herself as the swing vote right now, and if I were in Tasha’s position, I’d go with the all-girl’s alliance. I like Tasha's chances better sitting with Kimmi and Abi and having players like Savage, Spencer, Ciera and Jeremy on the jury.

2. Jeremy

Jeremy feels like he’s in trouble now that Stephen has gone and there's no one to tell him about shifting voting blocs, but that’s not even the worst of his problems. Jeremy is now seen as the remaining physical threat in the game (Keith’s competitiveness notwithstanding) and his final three alliance is with Tasha and Spencer, who both seem to think they have better options than going to the end with Jeremy.

3. Kelley

Kelley is all the way in with an all-girl’s alliance, and to establish this we saw plenty of shots of the women braiding each other’s hair. Once the alliance gets down to four, Kelley becomes an obvious target – especially as she will have to use her second immunity idol before then. My dream scenario is that next week’s vote is four for Jeremy, three for Kelley and they both play their idols. If that happened, an Abi victory could not diminish this season.


4. Kimmi

Kimmi is now pushing for an all-girls alliance. There’s been a bit of internet flurry from people who don’t like Kimmi about this given her move a few weeks ago to get rid of Monica for wanting an all-girls alliance, but it makes perfect sense to me. Back then, an all-girls alliance would not have gotten Kimmi further in the game, while now it will. I’m not a huge fan of the all-girl alliance “we can do anything if we stick together” rhetoric in a game where there is only ever one winner. However, it is an easy sell to make and I can’t begrudge Kimmi actually trying to win the game. Ooh, a Survivor player is technically a hypocrite. Alert the media, because we can’t have people like that on TV!

5. Spencer

Spencer made his first big move by getting rid of Fishbach, and he seems to be gearing up for a second by being all nicey-nice with Jeremy while saying in interview that he doesn’t want to go to the end with Jeremy. He also finally told his long-suffering girlfriend that he loved her.

6. Keith

Sadly the loved ones reunion did not feature the return of Wes, with his inappropriate small talk and array of bodily functions. Keith voted for Tasha, which I assume is crazy like a fox, so he can say to Joe “I’m a competitor, I wanted to go with you to the end and that’s why I never wrote your name down.”

7. Abi

Abi won no friends with the home audience over her obvious glee that Joe lost the challenge by physically collapsing. If Abi is her mother’s “angel,” I would like to see the devil standing on her other shoulder. Their dialogue would be something like “They’re all out to get you.” “Yes, they are all out to get you.” Abi was the last one told about the all-girls alliance, which in theory means she is the least important, but as highlighted at Tribal Council, she’s going to make it all the way to the end. At least we won’t have to sit through her jury question.

Next time on Survivor, seven are left and it’s December already? Better speed things up with a double elimination, Probst! Meanwhile, the menfolk feel they are in trouble.



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