The Amazing Race 27 Episode 8

Krakow, I'm Gonna Get You

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 16, 2015

Boom! Non-elimination leg!

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The editors do their best to make it look like Justin & Diana’s work in the salt mine is tough for them, but they basically breeze right through it.

Meanwhile, all other teams are at the swimming pool and getting their clues. #ThePaparazzi and #TeamTexas are doing Mine, but shockingly, the other three have chosen Music. Since Music seems incredibly difficult, this seems likely to set someone – probably #TeamAlabama if their previous musical ability is any indication.

The one advantage to Music is that it’s just a 15 minute walk from the current location, and both #TeamAlabama and #TheCheerleaders take that approach to arriving at their destination. None of the remaining three teams is having much luck finding a taxi, and they’re squabbling amongst themselves as to who will actually get the first one. Eventually, Logan & Chris run across a busy highway to where a taxi sits across the street and they are off. Kelsey & Joey head off in a different direction, which also is good taxi luck. Tanner & Josh are the lone team left behind. In fact, now #TeamTexas is just wandering the streets of Krakow, lamenting the fact that the city has no taxis.

Over at Music, Kelsey is trying to learn her piano tune, but she’s… not good. In addition to hating pets, children and old people, she’s also not musically inclined.

Justin & Diana have finished the Detour more or less before any other teams have even started theirs. Their next clue sends them to the Oskar Schindler Factory, which makes Justin nearly cry. (To be fair, he cries a lot. But this one is probably worthy.)


Still wandering Krakow, Tanner & Justin ask some kind-hearted souls to call them a taxi. They hope that their athleticism will get them through Mine quickly, while positing that maybe Music will trip up some other teams. Logan & Chris are at the mine and ready to work.

At the Oskar Schindler Factory, teams are allowed to take a moment of reflection before proceeding. Justin & Diana both have Jewish ancestors, and they are particularly touched by the wall featuring the names of people Schindler saved. With their tour of the location complete, they receive their next clue. It directs them to the Jewish Quarter.

So, it turns out that learning the music isn’t really the hard part of the Music challenge. Instead, it’s pushing the piano through the square. Kelsey & Joey are fine, but #TeamAlabama’s piano is only precariously perched on its rolling structure, while Tiffany & Krista’s falls apart and the cover for the keys falls on Krista’s fingers, smashing them.

Perhaps it’s because #ThePaparazzi are by themselves and it alleviates the pressure, but they’re working well together. They’re not nearly as efficient as #TheGreenTeam, of course. Logan doesn’t have the same strength as Diana and Chris… well, he’s excited to manhandle the salt, but then he realizes it’s heavy.

Back over to Justin & Diana (who will likely finish this leg before the 40 minute mark of the show), and their clue tells them their Road Block will be Serve It Up. They have to correctly identify seven traditional Jewish dishes and bring the right number of each to a party. Once they get it correct, they receive their next clue. Justin takes this Roadblock, and he knows a few of the foods already because he ate them at his grandparents’ house.

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