Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance Power Rankings

Week 7

By Ben Willoughby

November 4, 2015

Yes! More challenges!

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Previously on Survivor, Deitz had to leave the game due to a family emergency back home – but don’t worry, his son is doing fine and Deitz won’t be getting sympathy votes that could win him the game, so Abi isn’t going to kill either of them. There was a tribe switch where Angkor became “no more” and a gross food immunity challenge. Woo ended up being the guy with multiple confessionals that went “everything is going great,” “if everything goes to plan, we’re all going to vote for Spencer,” and “I’m finally in tune with this game and I get to play.” So long, Woo. Have a most triumphant time at Ponderosa and be excellent to others!

Ta Keo III

Who can keep track of all these tribe switches and who has been on what tribe? At this point, I think Jeremy, Keith and Kimmi have played with everyone except Abi and Wiglesworth, Spencer and Wiglesworth have played against everyone else except Joe and Tasha. Some players, like Kass and Ciera, have played with everyone. Anyway, for one week only, I present the power rankings for Ta Keo III.

1. Jeremy

From the way he is low-fiving with Savage and commiserating with Ciera at the gross-food challenge despite them being on opposing tribes (for now), Jeremy is going for the “good sport” vote at the end of the game. It’s the route Captain America would take, but being Mr. Congeniality does not make you Survivor popular.

2. Joe

“Oil up, Joe,” said an unidentified yet appreciative female voice before the reward challenge. Ha! I'm just surprised it wasn't Probst. Joe’s strategy so far has been to make sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable, so it was a bit jarring to see him suggest he would prefer to keep Kelley over Kimmi before the immunity challenge had even been held. That’s not the way to keep everyone cool with things, Joe! It’s fortunate for him that Jeremy wants to keep big targets like Joe around a while.


3. Fishbach

Fishbach is still terrified of all those alpha males on his tribe, but he is trying to overcome his abject fear through being Jeremy’s informant. However, the stress of the game gets to him in interview, when he breaks down about missing his second chance by not getting his alliance to turn on Joe. This is a bad sign to me – in addition to showing his level of mental fatigue, it says that Fishbach is essentially focusing on his last battle (not getting rid of the “golden boy” sooner) and not his next one.

4. Kimmi

Kimmi may not be able to eat pig brains, but that just shows she’s comfortable. For now.

5. Tasha

Tasha was Miss Not Appearing On-Screen last week, but she probably just needed a break away from Abi.

6. Keith

Keith was so thrilled to be in an alliance two weeks ago that I can’t see him changing his game.

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