Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance Power Rankings

Week 6

By Ben Willoughby

October 27, 2015

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Previously on Survivor, there were three tribes in the game – Ta Keo, which was “on top”, Bayon, which was “far from united” and Angkor, which “was a disaster”. However, it was Angkor who came through with the reward consolation prize and then victory in the immunity challenge, and Bayon fumbled what should have been an easy vote to turn on one of their own.

Here are the power rankings for this week.

Ta Keo

Ta Keo is still winning everything, which means that after a whole episode I have three lines of notes for the whole tribe.

1. Joe

Joe feels like he’s the biggest threat and that everyone is out to get him. No wonder he’s placing such a big emphasis on keeping everything chill.

2. Ciera

Ciera was the one to suggest that the group of everyone but Dietz be a solid five. She is planning this for the merge, but with one tribe switch having occurred and another one happening pre-merge, it remains to be seen whether this group will stick.

3. Kass

Who really knows what’s going on at Ta Keo, but I am sure Kass is not a patsy (for now).

4. Keith

Keith is thrilled to be “hooking up with other people”. Last time he played, no one asked him to be in an alliance. But don;t get your hopes up, Keith. You still need sub-alliances.

5. Kelley

Kelley has been busy “pushing Dietz under the bus” since she arrived at Ta Keo. But after Dietz is pushed under the bus, who will be next?

6. Dietz

Every interview with Dietz is about him being completely in love with his Survivor experience this season. Hanging out on a beach, fishing, being the only member of the tribe not in an alliance – it’s great!


Angkor actually won an immunity challenge! And not just an undistinguished “not the worst” win, but actually finishing ahead of everyone.

1. Tasha

Tasha continues to be the Abi-wrangler, and she says “It takes everything in me to be around her”. She compares Abi unfavourably against Woo, who will “take walking orders a minute before Tribal”, while Abi “is a time bomb”. But Tasha reflects that it was that time-bomb who kept Abi in the game. Tasha says that she doesn’t want to make an emotional decision and get rid of Abi. She wants to make the right decision for her game, which if she thought about it, would be to get rid of Abi.

2. Savage

Savage is still being Savage.

3. Abi

Abi’s erroneous claim of the week was that she doesn’t “like people to owe her anything”, when it really feels like that is all she wants out of Survivor. For example, she also has a “tendon transplant in her knee” – “part of someone else inside her”. In her mind, that means people owe her compassion, or at least as much sympathy as they are showing for Woo’s mother. Can a tendon transplant reject the host?

4. Woo

Woo’s experience as a Chuck-E-Cheese skee-ball champion won them a tarpaulin last week. However, his mother is a heart transplant recipient, which seems to be a solid reason to vote him out of the tribe next time they go to Tribal Council .


Even though Bayon seem like a fractious bunch, they know how to pull off a great blind side.

1. Jeremy

The core group in Bayon right now seems to be Jeremy, Kimmi and Fishbach, with Kimmi getting the intel, Jeremy calling the plays, and Fishbach saying “are you sure this is the right move?”

2. Kimmi

Kimmi is apparently “not used to having someone give me their opinion where it’s not welcome”. Realistically, you’d think that Kimmi would be used to that sort of thing. She has a face that needs a finger waved in it.

Anyway, Kimmi was all about the Bayon four until Monica sensibly mentioned “hey, maybe we should vote in a way that would more likely benefit the two of us”, when she decided that Monica was a “flipper” and a “snake in the grass” and needs to be gotten rid of right away. Kimmi really should have filed that information away, or just told Jeremy as a signal that Monica can not be trusted long-term and she (Kimmi) is a more trustworthy ally. But in the real world, Kimmi doesn’t like Monica, so she over-reacted and then made sure everyone else over-reacted too. But who is likely to join their alliance in Monica’s place? Spencer, who will be locked in with Jeremy, and not Kimmi.

3. Fishbach

Fishbach managed to aim at the wrong target and score a point for the other team at the immunity challenge. I’m surprised Jeremy didn’t say “Gilligan!” and then whomp Fishbach with his hat. On strategy, he is sounder, and he is the one to question the blind side by asking what the other Bayons (Joe, Tasha, Kass, Keith, Savage and Ciera) will think about voting out one of their own over Spencer and Wiglesworth.

4. Spencer

Spencer continues his father figure bonding with Jeremy by going fishing with him, and talks about how he is growing from an “awkward geeky kid who couldn’t do those things”. Survivor loves hearing castaways talk about living their Survivor dreams, and are always thrilled to give someone like Spencer the Cochran edit.

The thing I liked about Spencer this week is that he knows he comes across as an anxious control freak, but he knows that he has to come across as calm and confident in order to be trusted by the people he wants to ally with, so he plays it cool.

The verdict of the rest of the tribe is that they trust Wiglesworth more as a person, but they know Spencer needs them more, so game-wise they trust him more. Plus it seems like people are actually bonding with Spencer, in a way that's not clear with Wiglesworth because she's invisible.

5. Wiglesworth

Today’s bit of Survivor trivia: Wiglesworth was the one who said “I didn’t come here to make friends”. If only she said anything as snappy this season. Come on, not even an interview before a Tribal Council where the alliance has said to the camera that the vote is for her?

Next time on Survivor, it is Stephen’s turn to get excited about making a big move, while Jeremy seems to be the one talking him down. It also sounds like someone is medevac’d, for something “worse than anything you can imagine,” according to Kass, and Kass is not short on imagination. Also there’s another tribe shuffle which is weird, because we should be seeing a merge soon. I guess everyone gets a turn playing with everyone else this season. Let’s see how all these comfortable “to the end” alliances will work out! On top of all that, there’s an eating contest!

So tune in tonight for what promises to be a jam-packed episode, and then come back later in the week for Jim’s recap.



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