The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 4 Recap

Good Old Fashioned Spit in the Face

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 19, 2015

This seems to apply for some reason...

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It really doesn’t matter when the teams leave for this leg, because they’re all riding the same bus to the airport and then the two planes headed for Africa are only 15 minutes apart. They’ll be headed to Livingstone, Zambia, home of Victoria Falls, which will almost certainly play into the leg at some point. One more noteworthy point about Josh & Tanner is that Tanner is limping pretty severely due to the hamstring injury he suffered in a needless sprint to the Pit Stop mat during the second leg. We’ll see if it impacts them later in the Race.

While the teams are waiting for transportation, there’s some discussion amongst all the teams about the deal to U-Turn Justin & Diana. Well… all of the teams except for Justin & Diana, of course. It’s cute that teams like Tiffany & Krista think they’ll even have a chance to do that.

Once again, Tanner & Josh state that they will use their Express Pass now so that they can get to the U-Turn so they can burn their nemesis. It’s come up so many times now that we’re 100% certain that it’s not going the way they think it will.

When the teams arrive to pick up their first clue, there is a blessing ceremony at Mukuni Village, where a woman spits on them. You heard us. #TheReporters take it in stride and even find the entire event quite moving, but some other teams won’t react the same way.


After the spitting, teams receive a clue that directs them to the Batoka Aerodrome. As the teams depart from the blessing ceremony, the top team order is #TheReporters followed by Tanner & Josh and then #TheGreenTeam. Soon after the three of them leave, #TheTrackStars arrive for their blessing spit. Meanwhile, the second set of teams has just landed in Africa and is on their way.

Today’s Road Block is called “Rise Above,” and it celebrates the beauty of Victoria Falls by taking one lucky(?) person from each team on a ride in an open-air cockpit of something called a microlight. As Phil describes it, the contraption is basically a motorbike with wings. Neither of us would ride the thing, that’s for damned sure. It looks like an unwieldy flying machine straight out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

As if it’s not difficult enough to be terrified up in the air, the Racer must find their next clue while they’re flying. It’s located on a bridge, and once they’ve completed the task, they must join their teammate and find a ride to that location to retrieve their next instructions.

By now Tanner & Josh have announced their intention to use their Express Pass about 947 times, but the moment has finally arrived. They note, “it’s going to be a fast Roadblock, but a scary one!” Although we agree, we’re not sure that using the Express Pass on something so quick is the best idea, even if Tanner is afraid of heights (Josh can do Roadblocks, too!). We suppose it gets them a good head start on their next task.

Diana and Kelsey will do the Roadblock for #TheGreenTeam and #TheReporters, respectively. Justin notes that if #TeamTexas uses the U-Turn too early, it’s going to come back to bite them.

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