Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance Power Rankings

Week 3

By Ben Willoughby

October 14, 2015

I'm allegedly playing in my second season of Survivor.

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Last week on Survivor, there was a tribe switch where the number of tribes increased from two to three, so now there are two tribes where we don’t know what’s going on. Peih-Gee proved to be a terrible Survivor player by deciding to vote for her “ally” Abi and then telling the two people who are now the swing vote that she was going ahead alone on this.

New Bayon

On New Bayon, Monica, Fishbach, Kimmy and Jeremy are original Bayon and Spencer and Wiglesworth are original Ta Keo. Monica even gets an interview, where she says that “It’s great to have Spencer and Wiglesworth, because they’re the minority.” Don’t they have any other qualities that would make them welcome at camp? Well, Spencer is full of awkward conversations about e-mo-shuns and Wiglesworth is the most boring person ever, so perhaps not.


As far as we know, Jeremy is the only member of the core Bayon alliance still at Bayon. But he was seen as a tribe leader – and an all-around nice guy to boot – so the old Bayon players who were on the outs are gravitating around him anyway. He also got a hidden immunity idol – I wonder if he thinks of it as a symbol that could bind his alliance together, like Fishbach seems to think?


I already used up my Monica observation in the tribe intro. I’m not thinking up two things about Monica.


Thankfully the chicken killing happened on another tribe.


Fishbach is thrilled that macho people (Savage and Joe – and really, I think he just means Savage) are off the tribe. All of a sudden, he thinks he is in an alliance, and he convinces the rest of the tribe to go look for the idol.



No Wiglesworth is about as the same as some Wiglesworth.


Spencer is very enthusiastic to be off the bottom of his old tribe, and just as thrilled to be on the bottom of a new tribe. I suppose that on this tribe he’s not playing with people who have gotten to know him. Spencer claims to have played logically in his past season, and failed because “people have emotions.” Didn’t he know people have emotions going into the game? Logic fail, Spock.

So this season, Spencer is trying out this Earth thing we call feelings. Maybe if Spencer learns enough about that, he can try an Earth thing called “kissing.” Or maybe not, because he tries to think up an emotional story so he can bond with Jeremy and all he can think of is how he couldn’t tell his current girlfriend that he loves her. Jeremy reassures him that when Spencer gets back, he’ll know how he feels. “That’ll be a lucky thing for me, if I get that clarity,” says Spencer. True love beats strong.

Anyway, blind-squirrelling his social game with Jeremy is only going to get him so far. He's still on bottom.

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