Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

September 2, 2015

We're not sure why you're getting a ticker tape parade, either.

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Kim Hollis: No Escape, the Owen Wilson/Pierce Brosnan action film, earned $8.1 million from Friday-to-Sunday and has accumulated $10.2 million since it debuted on Wednesday. What do you think of this result?

Ryan Kyle: This is a pretty good result as it was the best case scenario for the film whose reviews ranged from awful to aggressively mediocre. No Escape grossed in five days double the $5 million production budget, so Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan should probably be checking their mailboxes tomorrow for their backend checks. Following a cume nearly identical to Brosnan's The November Man released the same frame last year, a $25 million-range finish seems likely for No Escape as well. Released in a very aggressive 3,355 theaters, the most locations out of any film currently playing, profitability might not be found until VOD as the marketing costs were slightly higher for the film compared to The November Man's more typical screen count of 2700 for a genre B-movie.

With R-rated films flooding the marketplace ranging from Hitman, The Gift, Sinister 2, and American Ultra all gunning for the same audience, it is impressive that No Escape still found a respectable number of ticket buyers.

Edwin Davies: This is honestly more than I was expecting since reviews were terrible and the only discussion I saw of the film online was about how ridiculous the "throwing a child from a roof" scene was. The Weinstein Company has already made its money back after picking the film up for a couple of million dollars, so this was clearly a low-risk venture. It also seems to suggest that Pierce Brosnan has found a small audience who will show up for him playing the sort of roles Liam Neeson turns down because he's otherwise engaged.


Matthew Huntley: Given the time of year, the premise, the generic title, and the increasingly unreliable and unpredictable box-office draw of its leads, this result is about on par with my expectations. It's hard to believe its budget was only $5 million, which makes it less of a blow to the studio, and if it can get to the $25 million mark, I'd say profitability is well within reach. This last part is something I didn't expect I would write.

Jason Barney: No Escape should end up being another small time success but it has a little more work to do than War Room. The budget numbers are notable, as this one cost the Weinstein’s only $5 million to make and it has achieved its budget back over the course of the first weekend. It will hang around long enough to make a profit, and I don’t want to over state anything, but it will be a small win for all involved.

As far as the cast goes, this is another example of Pierce Brosnan hanging around in small ways, as much of his most recent work has been international films or smaller projects. At least his two most recent wide releases in the U.S. will have made money. No Escape won’t cost anybody anything, and November Man was a small success.

All things are relative, though. This film did open to about $10 million against relatively weak competition. It will be gone pretty quickly and pretty much forgotten.

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