Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

June 24, 2015

I feel like there's a lot more crazy things than that running around in my head.

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Kim Hollis: How do expect Minions to stack up against Inside Out in terms of opening weekend as well as final domestic/international box office?

Matthew Huntley: I have a feeling Minions will open higher than Inside Out because it has the advantage of the July 4th weekend and because, just like Disney/Pixar, the "Despicable Me" brand is now trusted by so many families. Plus, whenever any trailer for Minions has played over the past year, both kids and adults alike have cracked up, so I think every demographic is excited about it.

Now whether or not the movie shows the same legs as Despicable Me 2, or the same strong ones that Inside Out no doubt will, will be based on its quality and whether or not it actually tell a worthwhile story or just be about Minions being Minions, which could grow old very fast. Either way, I think Inside Out and Minions will be nearly neck and neck throughout the summer, both domestically and internationally, but I think the former may win out because it got an earlier start. Great question!

Felix Quinonez: I can't imagine Minions coming close to Inside Out. The characters are cute and entertaining but seem better in small doses. I think it will see a steep drop from the Despicable Me films. I see it making about $150 million domestically.


Ben Gruchow: I see Minions opening higher and closing lower than Inside Out, although it's honestly too early to tell what kind of final figure we're looking at for either film; I expect Inside Out to hold very well next weekend. The outlook for Minions reminds me a little of the outlook for Jurassic World, actually; there was a forecast that kept getting revised upward as the release date approached. I would've expected a domestic total around $250 million or so at the beginning of May; now I'm thinking more like $300-$315 million, with an opening approaching $100 million. Having watched the trailer for the first time a few days ago, I have to say that it doesn't look nearly as bad as I was thinking it'd be.

Jason Barney: I think the main factor in the Minions release is going to be quality. There is no doubt in my mind it is going to open big, but what exactly that number is....we are still too far out. I honestly don't think it is going to skew on the lower side because it has a wonderful opening weekend. Things will be busy during that time period, there are five wide releases just in a couple of days, but Minions will grab the younger crowds. However, quality will remain the main factor in the equation of just how large it opens. If its Rotten Tomatoes rating is anywhere near Inside out, you will see a bigger opening than we just witnessed.

Edwin Davies: I agree with Ben that it will open higher, because the Despicable Me films are ridiculously popular and the Minions are the most ridiculously popular part of those films, but that its prospects from there depend on how good it is. If it's terrible, or doesn't have much to offer adults, I could see parents being unwilling to sit through it multiple times, which could hurt the film's legs, as opposed to Pixar's films, which have a wider appeal.

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