Survivor: Worlds Part - Power Rankings

Week 13

By Ben Willoughby

May 13, 2015

Secretly loves the Interrupting Cow knock-knock joke

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Previously on Survivor, it was the worst birthday of Rodney’s life as his team lost the reward challenge and no one gave up their spot. Probst didn't even think to bake him a cake! And at Tribal Council, Mike finally played his immunity idol and said he was voting for Tyler. No one seemed to put up much of a struggle to find an alternative, so I suspect that they were all wanting to get rid of him anyway.

Six are left, and to be frank I have no idea what’s really going on beyond “everyone still wants Mike out”. There’s no clear hierarchy among the five remaining alliance members, especially now that Carolyn voted out her own closest ally in the game, and no one’s giving anything away in their interviews. Here are the power rankings for the week:

1. Carolyn

If there’s anyone who is going to lead a push against Rodney, it’s Carolyn. She may have voted for her closest ally, but she’s shown that she is willing to at least consider working with Mike and she seems to have something going with Sierra as well. My read is that she thinks Rodney wants to take Will and Dan to the end, so she needs a game-plan (beyond her immunity idol that no one knows about) to counter that. Shame for Carolyn that half the jury think she’s a big phony.

2. Dan

As the numbers get smaller, Dan’s advantage becomes more powerful – especially when you factor that everyone would like to go to the end with Dan, because they all think they can beat him. Dan knows that everyone is talking about his advantage, but I also think he thinks no one knows what it is. He’s going to have to pick a side soon and let them know he will be useful in controlling the vote, because until then his advantage is a reason to vote him out.

Also, did you see when Dan tried a backflip and landed on his head? Maybe that’s why he needs his stupid hat.

3. Rodney

Rodney had a birthday last episode. Did you hear about it? He had to wash dishes! Rodney thinks he has the relationships to run the game, but do you remember last season where every reward was given up to Missy out of sheer fear of the possible repercussions if she didn’t go? Even though Rodney blows his top every couple of days, that’s not happening.

Instead, everyone seems happy to let him execute his idiotic plans such as “pretend I want out because my birthday sucked. Mike will think he is safe, and not play his idol! Wicked blindside, yo!”. I think that if Rodney makes it to the end and starts talking to the jury about the strategic moves he made to get to the final three, no one is going to take him seriously.


4. Mike

Mike has had to play his idol, so he is sucking up to Carolyn big-time. Example: when they arrived back at camp after Carolyn won the immunity challenge, and she went for a high-five and he left her hanging and reached in for a hug? And Carolyn seems open to working with him, so perhaps there’s life for Mike yet? Perhaps. Or perhaps Carolyn’s just playing with him because she wants another jury vote.

5. Sierra

“This is the perfect tribal to make a big move,” was Probst’s hint to Sierra last episode. But she didn’t make a big move – she just went along with someone else’s plan.

6. Will

There are six people left, and we’re not seeing anything of Will. Not that I’m complaining.

Those are the power rankings for this week. Tune in tonight to see what happens in the penultimate episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart and then come back for Jim’s recap.



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