Survivor: Worlds Apart - Power Rankings

Week 12

By Ben Willoughby

May 6, 2015


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Previously on Survivor, Dan didn’t believe that he was on the bottom of his alliance, and the rest of his alliance was having a good old laugh at Dan’s gullibility. This kept the focus on Mike, who then won immunity and threatened to use his idol to protect Shirin, in order to force a wedge somewhere in that alliance of six. Most of them called Mike's bluff, which is easy to do when it's not your neck on the line, and Shirin was voted out. So there’ll be no more talk about monkey sex, which given what these people spend their time actually talking about, is the show’s loss.

This week, the alliance of six may be forced to start its cannibalism ahead of schedule. They all know that Mike has an idol now, and whether he wins the immunity challenge or not, he can still be safe at Tribal Council. So everyone will be trying to figure out a Plan B while scrambling to be “not it.”

Here are the power rankings for this week.

1. Rodney

I’m really looking forward to seeing Rodney’s game unfold. He claims to have a plan beyond the final six, and it’s not 100% clear what that plan is. I am assuming it involves staying true to his original four with Will, Tyler and Carolyn. But it could also mean him, Will, Sierra and Dan moving to get rid of Tyler and Carolyn, who – aside from Mike – are the only real threats Rodney has left. And even though Rodney wants Mike gone, he could really afford for Mike to stay around a while longer because it keeps the focus on Mike and Tyler, and away from Rodney. Right now, no one is saying "Rodney will inevitably win this thing if we don't stop him."

However, that’s the rational side of things. On the irrational side, the previews suggest that Rodney reverts to dummy-spitting this week. If everyone is suddenly reminded that of the things they about dislike Rodney, I won’t be disappointed.

2. Carolyn

As usual, it’s hard to know what Carolyn is thinking. She stuck with the alliance plan to vote for Shirin even though Tyler being voted out would have had risks for her as well. So anyway, quiet game, secret immunity idol, blah blah you know the drill.


3. Dan

Dan has an extra vote to be used at some Tribal Council, and he’s probably re-thinking his strategy. He knows that he received two votes at the last tribal Council and from the previews we saw Tyler trying to explain himself, so I guess he also knows where those votes are coming from. But does that mean Dan will switch back to an alliance with Mike? He may decide that he is better off staying within his alliance and painting Tyler as untrustworthy, disloyal and next to go.

4. Tyler

Tyler has some explaining to do. His decision to vote for Dan at the last Tribal Council was the worst one he could have made in the game. He shouldn’t have flipped, and knowing that Dan has a bonus Tribal Council vote, he shouldn’t have voted for Dan. I realize he had few options – he obviously couldn’t vote for Rodney, voting for Carolyn would have impacted his strongest alliance in the game, voting for Shirin would have risked going himself, and voting for anyone else would have burned other bridges he needs. But do not vote for the guy who you know has two votes, and who is repeatedly being told by your biggest threat that he is at the bottom of his alliance. Dan’s powers of denial can only be tested so far!

So Tyler will have to find another target for the next vote. Fortunately for him, there are still a bunch of nitroglycerine personalities around camp.

5. Sierra

I am still waiting on Sierra to break out and get that revenge on the Blue Collars she promised so long ago. It’s a slender hope, but it’s all we have to live for this season.

6. Mike

With an idol in hand and no one to give it to, Mike could just sit back and let things disintegrate among the other six. But that’s not really his personality. He’ll try and win immunity to make sure that anyone but him can be targeted, and then he’ll try and steer the vote towards the person he wants out. However, I doubt he’ll be successful in getting the votes he needs to do that.

7. Will

For whatever reason, Will was the other person who changed his plan and voted for Dan. I’m past wondering at Will’s game by this point.

Those are the power rankings for the week. Tune in to see what fights happen in tonight’s episode and then come back here later in the week for the triumphant return of Jim.



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