The Amazing Race Season 26 - Episode 9

Can I Get a Hot Tub?

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 27, 2015

Ugh. Non-elimination legs.

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It’s time for a Hayley bitchfest, because she and Blair have gotten turned around. She tells Blair that she totally told him which street was the right one. What she doesn’t realize is that people tune her out because she never shuts up.

Their confusion has allowed Mike & Rochelle to get to the “Shuffle” task first. Remember, they have to get to 51 points. Rochelle gets 34 in her first round and Mike gets… three.

Eventually, Tyler determines that the I’s refer to ice. So, the teams will now be looking for an ice skating rink. At least Steve & Aly aren’t in the game anymore, but depending what happens, are we really going to have two challenges where they would have dominated?

The two of them give the answer to the hot tub proprietor, and he gives them the next clue. They’ll head to the Museumplein Ice Skating Rink, where someone is going to be checked in as Team #1 (and it’s looking like that team will be Tyler & Laura again).

The “Shuffle” task is indeed difficult, because Mike & Rochelle wind up with 50, which puts them just short of the 51 they need. It sounds like they have to start from scratch, which is just brutal.

At the Pitstop, Tyler & Laura meet a 15-year-old hockey player who Phil says may be the next Gretzky of the Netherlands (there was already a Gretzky of the Netherlands?) and once again, they are checked in as team number one. Their prize for this leg is a trip to Seoul, South Korea. Phil tries to force the “love” issue again, but Tyler says that they just “share a love for the Race.” Nice try there, Keoghan.

Jenny & Jelani get the “skating rink” portion of the rebus, but have no idea what the five I’s mean. They go back around for another look, or perhaps ask Hayley & Blair if they know the answer.

They do, because Hayley is really terrific at these puzzles even if Blair is not.


On their second try at shuffleboard, Mike & Rochelle are even worse than the first round. Time to try again.

Remember Matt & Ashley? They’re still riding their bikes and are finally arriving in the heart of Amsterdam.

Hayley & Blair play confused when they pass Jelani & Jenny, who figure they’re overthinking the “I” clue. The latter team wonders if maybe it’s a Roman Skating Rink, which… isn’t a thing, but you never know what you’ll come across in foreign lands.

At last, Mike & Rochelle have finished the “shuffle” task, which means that they are (probably) racing Hayley & Blair to the Pitstop. We say “probably” because Hayley & Blair are next shown arriving at the mat to be checked in as Team #2.

Matt & Ashley are doing the Shuffleboard challenge, and he is really, really good at it. He gets 42 points. Ashley isn’t as strong, but Matt is terrific at encouraging her and giving her instruction.

Jenny & Jelani are trying to figure out the rebus, and The Amazing Race is trying to make us think that it’s close between these two final teams. BUT, Ashley can’t quite get her nine points, so they’re going again.

After heading in the wrong direction, Mike & Rochelle must turn around. This means that Jenny & Jelani are the third team to check in with Phil, because they have finally figured out that there is no such thing as a Roman Skating Rink (they have a friendly local help them to solve the puzzle). Phil points out that the first three teams are all blind-dating couples. Interesting, yes, but it’s not really because these couples get along better than the others. It’s mostly circumstance.

Of course, Mike & Rochelle are the fourth place team, which means that once again they’ve finished one away from the bottom. Matt & Ashley talk like it’s the end of the race for them, but we all know better, don’t we? It is indeed a non-elimination leg, which means they’re still in the Race and will also have to perform a Speed Bump in the next leg. They’d better hope there’s not a U-Turn, too.

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