Survivor: Worlds Apart - Power Rankings

Week 9

By Ben Willoughby

April 22, 2015

Quietly in control.

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Previously on Survivor, Joe’s man-bun advantage wasn’t enough to keep him in the “balance a block on your head” challenge and he was voted out. I’ve had my issues with Joe’s gameplay in past episodes, but I’m a sucker for anyone who does a convincing fake idol play. Bravo, and I’m sure we’ll see golden-boy Joe back in some other season of Survivor.

Here are the power rankings for this week:

1. Mike

Snickers-whore Mike is well aware that people are starting to think about the next phase of the game, so his choice is really whether to continue the No Collar Pagonging, or to pull the pin on his alliance? Dan is with him and Sierra seems to be, but he really needs to convince either the Carolyn-Tyler swing votes or the Jenn-Shirin outsiders and I think they think Rodney is their better option. Good thing for Mike that he has that hidden immunity idol.

2. Carolyn

We saw Shirin tell Mike and Sierra that Carolyn has Will, Tyler and Rodney with her. Not “Rodney has these people” or “Tyler has these people”, but “Carolyn has these people." I don’t know if other people playing the game see Carolyn as a power player, but I think Shirin is right. Still, we saw what happened last season when Missy mixed being the maternal figure of the tribe with the cut-throat game. Carolyn will have to do better.

3. Rodney

This week is was Rodney’s turn to do “Survivor impressions,” with a great one of Mike and a passable one of Dan. This minor theme of the season pleases me, and at the Reunion show I hope they all compete to see who does the best castaway impression. Especially if Rodney’s impression is “Mike talking about Snickers.”

Rodney is sounding more and more ready to make a move. He thinks he has Will, Carolyn and Tyler and he only needs a vote from Shirin or Jenn to forge a majority and move against Mike.

4. Sierra

Sierra is continuing to lay low and hang around Mike. Personally, I think this is the wrong strategy. For her to have a chance at winning, she will have to make a power move in order to demonstrate her worthiness. But her current strategy keeps her in the game, and second place is not without its compensations.

5. Tyler

Tyler won immunity and continued his streak of being boring. Another player who needs to make a power move.


6. Will

Will can’t even slide down a ramp well. He’s terrible, and I can’t wait until he’s voted out. Unfortunately, I think he’s going to make it to the very end.

7. Dan

No one has slapped him, so he still hasn’t shut up. Having alienated even more people than Shirin, Dan has no chance to win and plenty of chance to be taken to the end as a goat. Anyone paying attention to his stupid Tribal Council hat should not be surprised at this.

8. Shirin

I’ll say this for Shirin - even though her position has been abjectly terrible for most of the game, we have not seen her be down about her situation or think about quitting. She’s still thinking about how she can win this game. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to do this without a healthy dose of obliviousness, which is what has gotten her into this position in the first place. This week sees Shirin return to her role as tribe punching bag when Will blows up on her.

9. Jenn

Jenn is “kind of stoked” at the prospect of being voted out, especially now that her only real ally, Joe, has been voted out and her only friend , the chicken, has been cooked and eaten. Jenn spent most of last episode checking out of the game because she believes she has about as much chance as a turtle egg. Hopefully she’ll recover and stick in there, but I don’t think so. Jenn just doesn’t seem interested in playing with people she doesn’t like, which really makes her a bad Survivor player.

Next time on Survivor, there’s apparently a new twist that takes place at a Survivor food auction - someone will be able to vote twice at a future Tribal Council. Also, there’s a Survivor food auction! I love these almost as much as I love “reveal what you think about your tribemates” challenges. So tune in for tomorrow’s episode, and then come back later for Jim’s recap.



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