The Amazing Race Season 26 - Episode 8

Moment of Truth

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 21, 2015

Strong but not strong enough.

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Having retrieved their newspaper, Tyler & Laura locate their clue easily. Matt & Ashley just do what they do (and Matt & Ashley wonder if they’re going back to Germany), but before long they’re asking locals for help in translating the clue. Hayley & Blair find a nice gentleman to give them aid as well. They’re all being sent to a skydiving place, which leads to a lot of excitement amongst the Racers. Once they arrive at the “facility” (it’s just a bunch of sheds and outbuildings in a dessert), they pull their clues, which indicate it’s time for a Roadblock. The question is, “Who has always wanted a skybox?”

Turns out that they’ve been psyched out. Rather than jump from a plane, one person from each team will have to watch the plane they are assigned. From that plane, a yellow suitcase will be dropped. Once it lands, they’ll have to sprint to grab it. Laura and Ashley take the task for their teams, and Laura is frustrated because it’s essentially one of those “find a needle in a haystack” challenges. As they’re driving to the airfield, Hayley & Blair realize that it’s not a person coming from the plane, but a suitcase, and they agree that if that’s their clue, this Roadblock is going to suck.

The guys are all pretty funny here, because they say that they gave this Roadblock to the girls because they were all so excited about skydiving, but now they’ve had a dirty trick played on them.

Jenny & Jelani have a nail in their tire, so they pull over to a service station to get some assistance. “Please just help us really quickly,” Jenny implores the gentlemen who are helping them.


Laura has finally found her suitcase, and Ashley has hers as well. They pick up their gnome from the top of the hill and are headed back over to their teammates. Hayley isn’t far behind, as she has also found her suitcase. Their next clue sends them to Snake Bend Pan.

With Tyler & Laura and Matt & Ashley appearing to be working together to get to that next location, Blair is understandably concerned that he and Hayley may become the target of the U-Turn. He believes everyone has an understanding that it will be used on Jenny & Jelani to smoke out the Express Pass, but you never know. When Hayley returns with her gnome, Blair kisses it (not her).

The two of them pass Mike & Rochelle on the road, and are shocked to see that the dating couple have somehow gotten ahead of Jenny & Jelani. They debate using the Express Pass right then and there, but eventually decide they should do the Roadblock and use it at the next location.

Jelani and Mike are handling the task for their teams, and Mike is tired out pretty quickly. Even worse, he’s turned around and gets frustrated when Jelani finds his suitcase quickly. Mike has to bend over and wheeze as he climbs the mountain for the gnome.

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