Survivor Worlds Apart - Power Rankings

Week 10

By Ben Willoughby

April 15, 2015

Mike takes a rare moment to stop berating everyone for their lack of work ethic.

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Previously on Survivor, the show tried to distract us from the inevitable Pagoning of the No Collars. This is why No Collars don’t care about society’s rules, man!

Joe won immunity and the majority alliance was gun shy of voting for Jenn once more, so they wound up voting for Hali. Hali’s passion for America came through again, as she got all excited at Tribal Council by recalling that America flipped on the British Empire and everything worked out great, hell yeah! So long Hali, I hope that your first shot of whiskey worked out for you.

1. Mike

Mike looked emotionally beaten down last week, especially for someone who is up in the numbers seven against four. The shock of the previous tribal council with Jenn’s immunity idol sending his closest ally Kelly home must have hit hard. But he regained his pep after his very own idol-searching montage complete with stirring music. Also, his enthusiastic interviews about “playing spy versus spy” make him more interesting to watch than when he was “camp hard-ass.”

Mike’s strategy seems to be about winning the “respect” vote. He makes a show of being all business and nothing personal, by congratulating Jenn on a great job straight after Tribal Council. I don’t know if that will work on Jenn, but chances are it will on some others.

Anyway, all this stuff - the idol, his dominance of his alliance and the grudging respect vote - combines to put Mike at #1 this week. (Tyler at #1 with nothing to show for it was getting boring).

2. Tyler

Tyler coughed up his immunity idol clue knowledge, as playing with Joe is just an option but he has to play with Mike. Also of note: Tyler is still keeping up relations with Shirin, while she is not even talking with Carolyn.

3. Carolyn

Carolyn is still playing it quiet and being Mama C. She still has her idol, she still has her alliance and she still has options once the No Collars are voted out.


4. Sierra

Sierra’s choice to stick with the hateful people was the controversial one, but probably the right one because no one else was going to flip with her. While she feels great that everyone else hates Dan, it would also feel great to have all of the other women sitting on the jury and voting for her.

5. Rodney

Rodney, Merica’s self-designated real-keeper, thinks he is with Carolyn, Will and Tyler. While he claims to love his blues, he also plans to flip on them all. I think he spent a bit too much time thinking about Hali’s “America the flipper” speech and not enough time thinking, “you know who else flipped? The Confederacy.”

6. Dan

Dan is fine with mocking super-fans to their face about how they can’t do basic math, but he doesn’t seem to have twigged to the idea that super-fans should know not to unnecessarily demean people when he wants their vote at the end of the game. At the end of the season, Dan will be punching his stupid tribal Council hat and screaming “My one Survivor weakness! Not understanding the core concept of the game!”

Then maybe someone will slap him to shut him up.

7. Joe

Joe’s end-game strategy seems to be “win all of the challenges.” That’s not sustainable over the long-term because as soon as he loses one, no one will think of anything but voting him out. He should really have kept on hunting for that idol after Mike told everyone that Joe had it - but are we expecting good gameplay from someone who gets outwitted by Mike?

8. Jenn

Jenn wants to mess with things while she can because it’s all entertainment to her, but now the Pagong-ing has started, there’s no nude body-surfing and Joe is taking everyone but Jenn zip-lining, things aren’t so much fun. I’m hoping that Jenn’s preview statement of “I’ve got nothing out here but despair” is just an empty effort to generate tension for a boring episode.

9. Will

Will continues to be unseen and unheard.

10. Shirin

Shirin is reduced to using her unthreatening weakness as her only asset - yet everyone still wants to vote her off, strategy be damned!

There are the power rankings for this week. Tune in tonight to see if Jenn really does quit, and if she does, come back tomorrow to read Jim’s tearful and bitter re-cap.



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