The Amazing Race Season 26 Recap - Episode 3

Murphy's Law

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 7, 2015

Which one is prettier?

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The first group to arrive enjoys the surroundings as they journey to Patong Beach. A guy with two selfie sticks has their next clue, which seems to indicate to them that they’ll be partying all night. After the party, they have to share a room with some of the other racers.

Jonathan & Harley are still stuck in an airport, but soon are finally making their way to Thailand.

Upon checking out of their rooms, the teams get a clue that directs them to “The Upside Down House.” A lot of teams are bunched very closely together, so the next task should serve to provide some separation. Steve & Aly are first to arrive, and they find their clue hanging from a ceiling toilet (it’s an upside down house!). The Detour gives them the option of “Ski” or “Tree”.

Steve & Aly arrive at Ski, which seems a little tough, They have to stay upright on a wave board without spilling, which is no easy task. They both fall right away. It’s probably not a good sign that the Olympians are having trouble with the task, especially since they note that they enjoy water skiing. Anyone who has no such experience is going to struggle mightily.

Over at Tree, the contestants must choose their wait staff apparel and then pick up all the items from the menu, then balance it as they journey through the trees in a harness/zipline that takes them to their customers. The problem is that the first couple of teams don’t get all of the items on the menu, so they are automatically at a disadvantage. This includes Jenny & Jelani, who are sent back by their customers, and Hayley & Blair, who realize their error when later teams arrive with the full menu.


So far, both tasks are very difficult. Mike & Rochelle are the first people to finish their task, and are sent to My Way Cabaret. Having been on the bottom so much previously, this “win” feels really good to them, especially considering how much trouble other teams are having with the “Tree” task.

Hayley continues to bitch at Blair about getting the menu items wrong. He’s a pretty good sport about it, but it’s the first real tension we’ve seen during the race.

Jenny & Jelani give it another go, but Jenny loses her glass on the way.

Now that they’ve figured out the menu requirements, Hayley & Blair finish the task, followed by Laura & Tyler. Now that they’re starting to figure out the task, Tree definitely seems to have been the better way to go.

After several tries at Ski, Steve & Aly decide to go over to Tree. Jeff & Jackie realize that if the Olympians can’t do this challenge, neither can they. Everyone is headed over to the Tree challenge now, including Jonathan & Harley. Jonathan says he’s afraid of heights, but he’d jump out of a plane if it meant that they could get ahead in the race.

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