The Amazing Race 26: Power Rankings

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

March 5, 2015

They don't know it, but this dance has awakened the hell beast that will destroy us all.

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5) Bergen and Kurt
Whoops, spoke too soon. While Team #NewKids4Eva is a joy to watch, Bergen and Kurt fit the cliché. Both men had high hopes for meeting their special someone in a televised competition. Instead, they met and felt like they were looking in a mirror. There is a reason why Spock never dated Dark Mirror Spock, after all, and it’s not the goatee that was the sticking point. The issues between Bergen and Kurt were magnified during an unfortunate noodle-shoving incident wherein one party felt that the best way to handle the situation was to try to kill the other person via noodle infusion. We’ve ranked the duo this high due to their performance thus far. If they don’t develop any chemistry soon, however, they’re either going to be at the bottom of these rankings soon or, more likely, eliminated.

6) Ashley & Matt
They’re…like barbers or something, right? We’ve barely even noticed them, which makes them better options than any of the bottom third of the competitors.

7) Jackie & Jeff
If we had started the power rankings last week, their status would have been much higher. After all, they’re a misread clue away from winning half the legs thus far. Alas, what we learned in the most recent episode is alarming. Jeff is NOT the smartest dude when it comes to puzzles. He still puts the stars in Jackie’s eyes, though. If this were real life, the two of them wouldn’t have made it out of the bedroom yet…unless they couldn’t make it to the bedroom before demonstrating their attraction to one another. On the show, Jackie seems quite driven and rather aggressive (in more ways than one). We quite like this team and hope they make an extended run. They must show a bit more in the brains department to accomplish that, though.


8) Hayley & Blair
What an odd two-episode edit these two have received. Hayley was the breakout star of the season premiere but then the duo was barely shown during their most recent leg. They are currently in last place, but we doubt Hayley was given that much face-time in the pilot if they aren’t going to be around for a while. For his part, Blair seems like an extremely tolerant young man. If this were Planes, Trains and Automobiles, he’s the Steve Martin and she’s the John Candy.

9) Mike & Rochelle
They may yet surprise us, but the first two legs were not good. They’ve finished in the bottom group each time, and Rochelle demonstrated a tendency toward drama queen-ery in the most recent challenge. She fell one foot from a chair onto ice. Then, she started crying and demanded a medical examination. Imagine how she’ll react once the brutal challenges on the show begin. How do you think she’d handle that haystack challenge from a few seasons ago? Despite all the negatives above, they seem like a really cool couple, though.

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