Survivor Worlds Apart - Season Preview

No Collar Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 25, 2015

They're gonna free spirit themselves right out of the game.

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Overall, this seems like a pretty strong male cast and if she's the chick hanging with the guys, she might have staying power. A downfall for her is that she's the female Malcolm. Come on, people...can we either be more creative or just stop asking this question? She feels like she can boost morale and that she's a pretty good fisherman. She feels like she can provide for her tribe, if need be. I really have no solid reason why I like her in the game; it's just my gut telling me that Jenn is definitely datable.

3) This is going to come as a surprise to some people. Especially those that have seen the cast photo. The weird dude with the feathers tied in his hair? His name is Vince Sly and he's my #3 on this tribe. No, really. He is. Looking at this guy's bio and his pics and his video, he strikes me very much as Coach V 2.0. And he may well be. That being said, Coach has been datable every time he's played this game, so a mid-tribe placement isn't as weird as it seems. As a coconut vendor, I'd wager Vince will be able to barter the fruit of the land for votes later in the game and that won't hurt. But seriously, he's also a life coach, which sounds cheesy as hell, but is an actual thing. People come to him with problems and he helps them. What this leads to is learning about people and how to read people. And the ability to read people can take you pretty far in this game, as long as you're not a douche. While he comes off as Coach-y, he also comes off as kinda likable. And that may be all it takes to carry Vince to the jury. I'm gonna go ahead and say datable for Vince Sly, the coconut vendor.


4) Fourth on my list is hearing activist, Nina Poersch. Nina is our second ever deaf contestant on Survivor. But she wears cochlear implants, which makes her not so deaf. Her deafness, however, won't be the big handicap she has to overcome on this show, though. She's 51-years-old and appears to be in amazing shape, but I worry that this young-skewing tribe will see her as the weak link which could limit her game. She identifies most with Tina Wesson, so I give her some hope based on an out-of-the-box choice here.

She's an activist in real life, which means she does spend a lot of time trying to convince and kind of manipulate other people - skills that are very necessary in Survivor. However, because of the Cochlear, she has trouble when more than one person are talking at the same time. That's bad news in an arena where sometimes everyone talks, or yells, at the same time trying to be heard. A concern for her is that she'll expect her tribe to understand and care about this. If she reminds them about it often, she'll piss everyone off. If she tries to play through it, she's likely to miss important strategy talk. So she's on either side of a double-edged sword here, potentially. Also, a couple of her pet peeves are laziness and rudeness - two things that are prevalent in any season of Survivor. I worry for Nina that she'll become bossy and annoy people into voting her out early. She'll make it through a couple of votes, but she won't be able to make it to the merge. As nice as I'm sure she is, in this game, Nina is not datable.

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