Top Chef Power Rankings

By Jason Lee

February 10, 2015

Let's see if he's still smiling after tomorrow.

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1) Greg

I would be surprised, but not shocked, if Greg failed to prevail in the final episode of Top Chef: Boston. Like Stella, he certainly appears to have gotten his groove back. In point of fact, he swept both the Quickfire and Elimination Challenges in the last episode, and neither challenge appeared close. Greg’s at his best when his food is flavorful and earthy - see his pork and poblano stew from the last episode as an example of this…

2) Mei

…while Mei is at her best when she’s challenged intellectually - see her Henry David Thoreau dish or her take on duck a l’orange from a few weeks ago. The final challenge in any Top Chef season, however, is never about intellect and only rarely about innovation or creativity. The challenge is usually decided based on intangible considerations like authenticity and soulfulness. Paired up on such a playing field, I think Greg has the decided edge. Barring some inexplicable circumstance (like the unforgivable absence of an ice cream maker for Nina last season), I expect Mei to follow in the footsteps of other female Top Chef runners up like Tiffani Faison (Season 1 and Top Chef: Duels), Sarah Grueneberg (Season 9), Brooke Williamson (Season 10), and Nina Compton (Season 11).

Bonus Top Chef Finale Drinking Game:

Take one drink if:

Greg uses lemongrass as an ingredient
Greg uses coconut milk as an ingredient
Mei mentions that she’d like to be the third female winner of Top Chef

Take two drinks if:

Greg mentions his history with drugs and alcohol
Mei mentions the lack of support she received from her family


Take three drinks if:

Greg makes a curry for one of his final dishes
One of Mei’s final dishes features a broth of some sort



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