The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 12

All or Nothing

By Daron Aldridge

December 30, 2014

Sometimes goofy wins.

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The silver anniversary season of The Amazing Race all comes down to this: The final three…whoops… final four teams. Who will win? The dentists with the best record, the surfers with the best attitude, the scientists with the spunk or the wrestlers with the brawn? I have already gone on record saying that whenever Phil pops up on the final leg to eliminate a team, it will like be the mistake-prone Brooke & Robbie.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we get a recap from entire season with the requisite montage of eliminated teams (including the gone-too-soon Kym & Alli). Next, we pick up where we left off with Team Candy Crush of Amy & Maya getting the best news ever with the “you’re still racing” revelation from Phil.

On the spectrum of emotions, the girls' elation is one side. Meanwhile, Brooke is downright “disgusted” that they were not eliminated on the last leg “like they should have been.” Then Brooke echoes the same sentiment that intrepid BOP recappers have shared for years. “That was a waste of a leg.”

I understand her frustration because they have never pulled a final four conclusion but I don’t think it is any more frustrating than a normal non-elimination, which, I remind you, Brooke, saved yours and Robbie’s butts just one leg prior.

(My conspiracy theory is that the final four was a way to better their chances that they could ensure Adam & Bethany would make the final leg. Yes, I am still bitter about the surfing Fast Forward that catered to their strength. But I can’t blame the producers for wanting that because they are a fun team to watch that actually shows a positive relationship.)


Speaking of Adam & Bethany, the dude is a bit frustrated. However, it doesn’t appear to be directed at the girls but rather the idea that their chances for a million dollar payday just went from one in three to one in four. Jim offers up that the scientists are the “lowest hanging fruit,” “have the highest probability of going home,” and “are behind us more than they are ahead of us.” Brooke is not convinced because if it is mental challenge, she knows she and Robbie are the weakest.

Robbie tells the audience that Tag Team has won multiple wrestling championships and now they will win the Amazing Race. I wonder if someone should inform Robbie that professional wrestling is scripted, so he won those championships because it was dictated to be so.

Obviously, all the teams are on the same flight and bound for Los Angeles. Upon landing, they will locate the marked SUVs in the parking lot and use the messaging system in the car to get their next clue. Rushing from the airport, the teams get the clue that they must proceed to the downtown city hall and take their manila envelope to the film clerk.

Because the leg wouldn’t be complete without some hubris from Jim, he proclaims that knows exactly where they are going and the others do not. Oopsie… maybe not. Team DDS gets turned around immediately, which gives Amy & Maya a chance to inch into the lead.

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