The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 11

Hooping it up

By Daron Aldridge

December 19, 2014

Two wastes of time in a row.

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With only two legs left and four teams, the writing is on the wall that this will be an actual elimination. Last week’s non-elimination placed a Speed Bump in the way for Tag Team Brooke & Robbie but will it be an actual obstacle or just an annoying sidetrack that doesn’t impact the Race.

Let’s head back to Manila to find out. With the ripping open of the first clue and news that the teams are given a whopping $1 for this leg, we know that Manila will be their Race home for the next hour of TV.

Misti & Jim head out in first place for the fifth time this season but in a change of fortune, Team Candy Crush’s Amy & Maya are leaving in second. The directions point the teams to a park that they must travel to via jeepney. Not so fast. Apparently, the jeepneys only travel in a loop around town. So if you get aboard on the wrong side of the road, you will face a long delay in travel as you will be going in the exact opposite direction before turning around.

While Team DDS has perfect teeth, Mrs. Dentist sustained a nasty cut on the bottom of one of her feet during the ox plow challenge. She's little bit hobbled now but still determined to Race. Jim also points out that this is the first leg that they actually in danger of elimination because they had the Save for most of the Race and last week there was a non-elimination. Yet he admits they haven’t been as "on point" with their racing the last few legs travel-wise.

As the first two teams rush out of the Pitstop, they get and accept erroneous jeepney travel advice from a local and just like that, they have set themselves up to move from the front to the back. At least they are sharing the transportation, so they know where the nearest competition is.


Next off the mat, surfers Adam & Bethany are about to jump into the first jeep until they realize that it is heading in the wrong direction. Nice catch, newlyweds. You are now leading without even knowing it.

Brooke & Robbie are focused on their one goal since the Race started: “to win a million”…oh wait…“to make the top three”?!?! Because you know that when Olympians are training, it’s always “Go for the Bronze, even though the Gold would be nice too.” Sorry, NO ONE ever says that. Tag Team’s priorities are a bit off. Since they are following in the surfers' footsteps, the dating grapplers are indeed on the right path to the final three.

I think the show has just telegraphed the end result of this leg: a footrace between dentists and scientists, which means the girls will be outpaced and eliminated. Just my prediction.

As the wrong jeep barrels down the road away from the clue, Maya notes that the weather in Manila is very hot and they must remain hydrated.

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