The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 10

By Daron Aldridge

December 12, 2014

The joke is on us as we've now exchanged the cyclists for the sweet scientists.

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Last week we welcomed cyclists Kym & Alli to the "Also-ran" club of teams that were better than their result showed. Just like cowboys Jet & Cord and the Globetrotters, the cyclists just couldn't make it to the million dollar mat. After 25 seasons (several of which I have spent recapping), you would think my disappointment at such turn of events would be tempered, but you'd be wrong. Let's move forward.

Singapore will soon be in the rearview mirror for teams, as the Fast Forwarding professional surfers, who nailed a surfing challenge, rip into their clue with the next destination being Manila, Philippines.

(I promise that I really like Adam & Bethany but c'mon, a surfing challenge for a Fast Forward event...that was just wrong. So I assume tonight we will get either a teeth cleaning task for team DDS or a chance for the scientists to recite the periodic table of elements. Probably not, which just further shows who the producers want to win. You're better than that, Phil.)

Anyway, the teams will be heading to a market flower vendor stand when they get to Manila. Now to get there.

Adam & Bethany head to a nearby travel agent for tickets, which now can't be switched after being ticketed per a new rule. It's probably a cost cutting measure for the show since they must lose quite a bit of money each season with unused tickets, or it could just be a way to make the teams put more effort into exploring travel options. The agent finds them a flight that puts them in Manila at 11 p.m.


Brooke & Robbie leave next and head to an agency as well for ticket options. Tag Team lands with the same airfare plans, and it looks like there will be no advantage at the airport.

But wait, Misti & Jim are still smarting from the last leg's ticket snag that put them near the back of the teams, which you know is not where Jim thinks they deserve to be. So, they opt to go straight to the airport.

We are now about two and half hours after the surfers left in first, and Amy & Maya leave the Pitstop in last. They have the idea of using their cabbie's phone to call a travel agent en route to the airport. Brilliant. They also snag tickets on the flight arriving at 11 p.m.

As the dentists are working with the ticket agent in the airport, they spy the wrestlers and scientists heading to Singapore Air's counter. Lo and behold, Team DDS is left in the cold. All the seats are full on that earlier flight and they will now be arriving nearly an hour later.

The other teams aren't aware of this and are speculating that Chompers got a better flight.

It's also worth noting that in the airport conversations, the wrestlers "play" dumb about lying to the Candy Girls about finding the clue. The ladies seem to buy their storyline and of course, Brooke revels in being a villain. She once again reiterates that they won't be beat out by a pair of scientists. This just makes me want to root for Amy & Maya in this resurrected adolescent battle of jocks versus nerds.

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