Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 13

Let's Make a Move

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 11, 2014

I got mud on my face for nothin'.

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This season, we’ve seen a lot of people give up their rewards for strategic purposes. Jon talks about how great the reward will be for Missy, and when Jaclyn talks about how annoyed she is with him, he says, “Did I say I was going?” Indeed, he gives up his spot for Baylor. He semi-offers to go to Exile Island, too, but Natalie insists that she take that punishment. Obviously, she’s going to find an Immunity Idol clue that leads to no Immunity Idol.

Missy climbs on Baylor’s back so that her daughter can carry her to the reward. Jeff makes sure that Missy knows she should notify him if she needs medical attention. Keith does not spit, but probably wants to when faced with the prospect of time alone with the mother/daughter duo.

Since Natalie is going to Exile Island, Jon and Jaclyn will have time alone as well. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. We’ve come a long way in Survivor porn since the days of Jenna Lewis’s honeymoon video.

At the reward, Missy and friends limp over. Her ankle has already swelled to an alarming size. Keith, a firefighter, takes a look and worries that it might be worse than a sprain. Missy says that she’ll crawl to the finale if she has to.

For his part, Keith enjoys the food and the shower. He also makes very happy noises during the massage, which cracks Baylor up. All of a sudden, she thinks he’s the greatest person ever. We guess that spa rewards make strange bedfellows.


Back at camp, Jon and Jaclyn have a discussion, and as we speculated, Jaclyn wasn’t buying a single thing Natalie told them. Jon pretends he knew Natalie was lying the whole time, too. He talks about how he’s totally going to bring it up to the jury. Jaclyn speculates some more about a potential surprise alliance with Keith and the other girls, and wonders if they might have to split up their group of five sooner than anticipated.

We learn that Natalie has never spent this much time apart from her sister as she hangs out at Exile Island. She doesn’t even bother looking for an idol, so perhaps she doesn’t have a clue after all. It’s a little opportunity to rest, but she is pretty clearly emotionally exhausted at this point.

As for Missy, she can’t even stand on her injured leg. She’s using a makeshift crutch, but says she’s absolutely not quitting. Probst insists on calling in medical to take a look. The gentleman who examines her ankle says that at best it’s a severe fracture. The fact that it feels worse after two days may indicate that it’s broken. He suggests that it might be best to pull her from the game so she can be x-rayed. All of the other Survivors are in tears.

Ultimately, it is Missy’s call as to whether she leaves the game. She decides to stay. She will not participate in the Immunity Challenge, which will give the medical staff time to get her in a splint.

So, we have only five people competing in the challenge. They have to stand on a very uncomfortable looking perch, holding two cords that will keep a ceramic cylinder in place. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that it is a windy day. Everyone struggles a bit at the beginning, but the first one out is Jaclyn, who just can’t quite hold on. Keith starts to wobble, which seems to distract Baylor enough that her cylinder falls.

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