The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 8

Hot, Sexy Knights

By Daron Aldridge

December 4, 2014

We're not sure what they're so happy about.

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When we last saw our intrepid Racers in Sicily, they had been the victims of another disappointment-inducing nonelimination leg. Admittedly, it was only disappointing for the the viewers and actually welcomed by the teams, especially Tim & Te Jay who were spared.

Picking up where we left off in familiar territory, dental powerhouse Misti & Jim were leaving in first and hot on the trail as usual were cyclists Kym & Alli.

Team DDS rips into the clue and gets the news that their next destination is Malta. We soon see that none of the teams have a clue were Malta is or that it's its very own country. Malta Tourism Board...time to put in some extra hours and marketing dollars to educate us dumb Americans about your homeland.

The teams are pointed to use the ferry, which means that they are in for a long boat ride and it didn't matter one iota what the order they left the Pitstop was. There will be clumping. Once they land min Malta, they must proceed to the Bridge Bar for their clue. We also see that food scientist Amy has apparently jacked up her leg and is not really able to run with any speed or grace. Honestly, it looks like her leg will give out on her at any moment.


Particularly, telling at this juncture is the ferry ride itself. The cyclists are once again hanging by themselves and choosing to not socialize with the other teams. From what we have seen, they aren't mean to the others, they simply want to run their own Race. That's how Cowboys Jet & Cord raced every time they did and nobody lashes out at them. I will blame sexism and a double standard because there is a how lot of contempt being directed to the ladies.

The ringleader is Tag Team's Brooke. The wrestler is quick to rally all the others around and point out that they have isolated themselves from the rest of the teams. She doesn't like that and thinks they should be the target of a U-Turn. She explains to the camera though that the cyclists are just too big of competitors and seem to just breeze through the challenges. It's funny that she fails to note that the same 'criticism' couple be levied on the dentists and the surfers as well.

The teams seem to rally behind her mean girl mandate with Adam & Bethany seeming to only play along because they are trying to be nice. A new alliance must get cutesy nicknames, right? Brooke dubs herself Viper and Robbie claims Sniper. When Misti tries to give Jim a 'cool' Top Gun-inspired name of Maverick, even Jim recognizes the silliness of this all and says he could be Molar, which makes Misti Cuspid. Enough of this, the moral of the story is that you have a five against one scenario that will use the U-Turn on Team Quicksilver. Also, that you can't give yourself nicknames.

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