Survivor: San Juan del Sur Power Rankings

Week 8

By Ben Willoughby

November 18, 2014

She's laughing at the boys who thought she'd do what her boyfriend told her.

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Josh was voted out last week after Jaclyn got fed up with a lot of belching and not being paid attention. Apparently some people did not realize that swing voters need sucking up to! But Josh didn’t have control of his alliance, and that’s what cost him. The next few weeks look like they’ll be even more boring than the last few weeks, as the rest of the Josh alliance gets Pagonged out of #Huyopa, but at least we are guaranteed one non-bitter member of the jury.

Here are the power rankings for this week.

1. Jaclyn

Jon has a hidden immunity idol, but when in Jon’s words “Jaclyn has obviously been helping me make all my decisions,” it’s really Jaclyn’s hidden immunity idol.

2. Jon

Jon may have decoded the hidden immunity idol clue easily enough, but he’s not a good Survivor player. Case in point from the last episode: his argument for sticking with the guys was because he wouldn’t win against Jeremy in the final three. Of course he wouldn’t win against Jeremy – no one on that alliance would. That’s why Jeremy’s not going to make the final three.

3. Jeremy

Jeremy did well last week by winning immunity when it mattered and not making fart jokes around the womenfolk. That can get you a long way in the game.


4. Missy

Missy continues to have a powerful position in her alliance, courtesy of Baylor’s vote in her back pocket. A smarter group than Josh’s alliance would probably have found a way to get rid of her this week.

5. Keith

Keith was the only person we saw on his alliance who was smart enough to realize that Jaclyn has a mind of her own. Of course, he also spent a good amount of time blabbing to Missy about how lazy he thought her daughter was so it’s not like he’ll be winning any #Huyopa Genius Awards.

Last episode would have been a great one for some immunity idol shenanigans, given (a) no one knows he has an idol and (b) everyone knew Josh was the target. For reasons we didn’t see, nothing was organized – maybe Keith trusted Jon and Jaclyn too much, maybe Keith felt it would be better for his game (or Wes’s game) to keep it to himself. But it was a huge missed opportunity for that group.

6. Natalie

Natalie is seen as the only woman on the tribe with a work ethic. She was also the one who lit the spark in Tribal Council about how Jaclyn was ostracized by the group when her boyfriend was not around. She is playing a smart, under-the-radar game – though she had better make it to the end with other female castaways for any chance of winning.

7. Baylor

When Josh’s alliance was denied the chance to vote for Jeremy, they all bonded together about getting rid of Baylor. It didn’t matter that Baylor was no threat and there were far better strategic targets out there, they just wanted her gone.

8. Reed

Reed spoke up at Tribal Council to make Josh’s “couples together” pitch at Tribal Council. No wonder Josh was voted out.

9. Wes

Wes got more screen time than ever last episode. Of course, most of it was him belching, retching, scratching himself and talking about farts. Oh, and sucking on his beard. Good show, Wes.

10. Alec

I wonder if Alec learned a little lesson last week about how sometimes women can get men to go with them rather than the other way around. Eh, probably not. He’ll probably blame it on “bitches, man.”

Those are the power rankings for this week. Watch all the chaos involving Keith’s immunity idol tonight and then come back tomorrow for David and Kim’s recap.



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