The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 7 Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

November 7, 2014

But 1st place in our hearts

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So, Morocco was the last stop for two teams that I wasn't exactly sad to see leave. One made me happy (Survivor Keith & Whitney) and one was met with apathy (Shelley & Nici). For the most part, the remaining teams are entertaining, endearing and not completely infuriating.

Before we delve into the rankings this week, I will go on record as saying that this will likely be a non-elimination. Phil commented at the Pitstop that they are halfway through the season and simple math tells us that we should have at least two more non-eliminations.

Here's how the teams rank in my mind heading into Episode 7:

1) Adam & Bethany (Married surfers). Soul Surfers. The lovebirds have been the models of determination, positivity and consistency this season. Aside from the one leg hiccup that put them near the back, they have been in the top two more consistently than any others. How? You can credit their overall attitude toward each other and trust they have in their partner's ability. Earlier this season, they were happy to have the Express Pass to give them an out in case Bethany couldn't complete a task but that doesn't seem necessary at all. She is more capable than most of the others and nothing is slowing her down. I give them the top spot because they haven't experienced a major slip up on tasks yet like the next two teams.

2) Kym & Alli (Friends/cyclists). Here's how making a judgment call to switch mid-task can blow up in your face. Even though they only burned an estimated 20 minutes going from Cream to Camp and back again it was enough to drop them from first to fourth out of the Detour. I do credit the ladies for keeping their composure despite the stress of the situation and resisting the urge to yell or turn on each other. They kept their heads about them and retained their fun-loving attitude. Despite this, I still think they are one of the teams to beat and no one has really shown that they deserve to be in the top three with the cyclists, surfers and...

3) Misti & Jim (Married dentists). I still refuse to drink the "Team Domination" Kool-Aid that Jim keeps trying to serve us. He may be happy to proclaim that they are back on top where they deserve to be but I don't think that's where they belong in my rankings. Why? Because they are my rankings, first. And secondly, of the these three top teams, Chompers has had the most poor finishes. When they are on, they are on but they fell harder than others when they flubbed a task. With the likelihood of more non-elimations that will negate the need for them to use their Save, the Dentists should still make it to the final three but their hubris may be their downfall.

4) Tim & Te Jay (Dating). And now we are at the lesser half of the teams. Team TNT has potential to be strong but seem to find a way to get edged out by others. See last week's getting passed by the cyclists at the Roadblock and to the Pitstop as the most recent example. With the explosive mother and daughter and Survivor alums gone, this duo is now poised to be the most meltdown-prone. I just don't have faith they they will be able to pull it together to crack the top three. But, hey, at least, they are ahead of...


5) Brooke & Robbie (Dating wrestlers). Tag Team is back again, meaning in the back of my rankings. It kinda stinks for me to do this because I actually enjoying watching these lovable lugs race but they are in over their heads mentally. They can pretty much handle any physical task and do so with flair and fun but they know they are out-skilled mentally in this Race. Luckily, most tasks haven't been too mental in nature or execution but that tends to change as the Race nears its end. The tasks are usually heavily memory-based at that point. No good for the wrestlers.

6) Amy & Maya (Friends/PhD Students). Just like the bittersweet taste of nonpareils and putting the wrestlers low in the rankings, this placement of Team Candy Crush doesn't set well with me. I like this team, but they are simply outmatched in this Race. Even the mental aspect, however small, on the last leg (you know, like locating a marked bag of hat or navigating a car) didn't go well for them. They are an adorably plucky team but that will not be enough to win or even keep them out of last place. A non-elimination will likely be their only saving grace this week.

Time to tune in this week to see how these teams fare and if any of them actually go home.



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