The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 6

I fell like I just kissed a goat

By Daron Aldridge

November 6, 2014

Implosion in 3... 2... 1.

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Last week, the Double U-Turn did its job and knocked out a team. BUT I would’ve liked to have seen it be used to flush out the Save instead. Super fans Shelley & Nici chose spite over strategy and got Survivor alum Keith & Whitney out of the Race. You could say the engaged couple’s world got Morocc’ed. (But if you did, then you would be as bad at puns as I am.)

Before picking up where we left off in Marrakesh, here’s what my rankings looked like ahead of the sixth leg:

1) Kym & Alli (Friends/cyclists). Team Quicksilver

2) Adam & Bethany (Married surfers). Soul Surfers

3) Misti & Jim (Married dentists). Team DDS/Chompers

7) Tim & Te Jay (Dating). TNT

5) Brooke & Robbie (Dating wrestlers). Tag Team

6) Amy & Maya (Friends/PhD Students). Candy Crush

7) Shelley & Nici (Mother/Daughter). Super Fannies


It’s time to check out my prognostication skills. We pick back up in the random carpet shop that the Pitstop occurred in just 12 hours before with Kym & Alli ripping into their clue, which directs them to become part of Marrakesh’s "world famous" horse-drawn carriage scene.

I didn’t know that was this Moroccan city’s claim to fame but here we are. The girls dart out in first place but you may recall that Adam & Bethany hit the mat just after them, so any lead is inconsequential. The fact that they aren’t immediately heading to a plane, train or boat tells us that the teams will be hanging around Marrakesh for another leg.

Both the teams ask locals about the distance to the horse-drawn carriage location and are both recommended to take cabs. Once they are at the marked location, they have to haul two big bags of hay to a stable and store them. Then get two apples and ride in a carriage to a spot near a mosque.

Not receiving as sound of advice (or rather not even asking for it) is the next team out – Tim & Te Jay. TNT seems intent on imploding because they just trot off on foot in the direction they think they must go. Oops, we later find out that it’s about 10 kilometers, so this was a pretty sizable slip-up. The guys seem to be unable to recapture the good fortune of getting the task quickly they had on the first few legs.

As two teams ride and another walks, the next four that all hit the mat in quick succession are just as mixed of a bag of approaches to this task. Shelley & Nici haven’t a clue where they are going, while Brooke & Robbie are faring a little better by at least trying to get a cab. Unfortunately, the dentists seem hellbent on returning to the front of the pack and they are making more progress than the others. Finally, Amy & Maya still just seem to be just happy they are on the Race. As they leave the Pitstop, they encounter the Super Fannies, who seem to be employing the “stand around and look at other” tactic to getting to destinations.

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