Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Power Rankings

Week 6

By Ben Willoughby

November 4, 2014

Now is the time when they all pretend to like each other.

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Even though we have only eliminated six players, the next episode of Survivor has a merge, so power rankings are next to useless for the second time in three weeks! I would be complaining, except I have a cold. So what I lack in effort this week, I will make up with grouchiness. Don’t read on unless you want to see your favorite player insulted! I’m kidding, of course... no one has a favorite player this season.

Soon to be ex-Coyopas

Last week, Coyopa lost another immunity challenge. Remember a few weeks back when Drew threw the immunity challenge – with an assist from Jon and Jeremy, who sat that one out? Imagine how hard Drew had to work to successfully throw that challenge. Perhaps I underestimated him.

1. Missy

Missy is the clear power player on her tribe. She has an alliance with Jon and Jaclyn, and also seemingly with Natalie (and through her Jeremy and maybe Julie) on the other tribe, which she is happy to use as leverage. And when Jon came to her panicking about Dale’s “immunity” idol saying they would have to vote out Keith, she came up with the level-headed plan of splitting the votes. Of course, she was also the reason why Coyopa blew the immunity challenge with the “only Jon may attach the puzzle pieces to the frame” strategy.

Anyway, if I am counting correctly, Missy has an alliance of seven – her, Baylor, Jon, Jaclyn, Natalie, Jeremy and Julie – against a group of five. That’s a good place to be in.

2. Jon

Well, look who fell for the old “fake immunity idol” gag. And then Coyopa picked him to do the puzzle challenge. They must be desperate for brains. A zombie break-out could happen on Coyopa and leave everyone unharmed.

3. Jaclyn

Even though I think she’s the smarter one in the couple, people keep talking with Jon as though he leads her vote and not the other way around. Regardless of superficiality over substance, you want people to be coming to you.

4. Keith

Keith was shown exactly where he stood among the Coyopas at the last vote. It’s a good thing for him that there’s a merge and he can flip over to Wes and his (presumed) alliance. But bad news, Keith - you won't have the numbers.

5. Baylor

Man, Baylor is fortunate to have picked her mother to play Survivor with, because I can’t imagine who else would have her back in this game.


Soon to be ex-Hunahpus

I say this every week, but I don’t understand Hunahpu. They consistently dominate challenges, and when they don’t, they consistently come from behind, and when they don’t do that it’s because some idiot threw a challenge. But they also manage to be the flint-losing rice-eating challenge-throwing tribe. Statistics be damned, Hunahpu isn’t a winning tribe. They are just losing the race to the bottom.

1. Natalie

Natalie knows that she, Julie and Jeremy are on the bottom of Hunahpu, and she is quite prepared to change all that come the merge. The editing suggests that she and Missy form the nexus of this alliance, so just this once I’ll put Natalie at #1.

2. Jeremy

Jeremy seems to be the first Survivor player who doesn’t think that rice is important. Apparently mindless optimism is just as delicious! (Though as it turned out, not quite as delicious as blind luck.) And he is considered to be the tribe thinker!

Also, Jeremy may play it cool by saying that if Val was on the same tribe he would act all Danny Zuko to her Sandy, but he’s not fooling anyone.

3. Josh

Josh did great under pressure at the immunity challenge, and he has done what he can to be well-placed after a merge, but in reality he has just made himself the biggest target in his doomed alliance of five. Everyone knows he is a smart player, everyone knows he has a strong alliance (all those boyfriend smooches!) and the only way for him to get out of his current situation is to convince two people that it’s better to be #6 and #7 with him than #6 and #7 with the alliance they have. I don’t think that is a likely scenario. Josh really needed a couple more episodes of Hunahpu challenge-winning.

4. Reed

The bright side for Reed is that with Josh gone, he can stay around for a few more days.

5. Wes

I might have seen Wes last episode, but it's equally likely it was a Nyquil-induced hallucination.

6. Alec

We didn’t see anything of Alec either, but I doubt his absence from the screen has made him any smarter

7. Julie

Did anyone doubt Reed’s sincerity when he said that he was picking Julie to go to Exile Island so she could prove how tough she was to John Rocker? I certainly did. She’s on the bottom, even if Jeremy is buttering her up to take her to the end.

Those are the Survivor power rankings this week. Check out all the merge excitement tomorrow and then come back for David and Kim’s recap on Thursday.



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