The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 6

Power Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

October 30, 2014

It's fun being better than the other teams.

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Morocco has never been a destination on my radar before, but thanks to it being the location of Keith & Whitney’s elimination last week, it may be my new favorite foreign country. One unlikable racer down and one potential villain remaining. Yeah, I’m talking about you, Jim. He’s by no means as abrasive and bullying as Keith was but he walks the line between confidence and unfounded arrogance and condescension constantly.

Last week’s Morocc’ and Roll validated many of the conclusions that I have made about the teams and as such the rankings may be familiar. Once again, I’m not letting these rankings be decided by a team’s possession of a Save or Express Pass.

Here you go:

1) Kym & Alli (Friends/cyclists). The name "Quicksilver" seems even more fitting beyond the allusion to the Kevin Bacon bike messenger film epic because for the last two legs, the ladies have accelerated past the others and nabbed first place. While their victory in Denmark was impressive, they had a sizable cushion most of the leg. This past week was more impressive because they kept their wits about them in the heat of a mob-like leg. They even proclaimed before the start of the leg their goal was to duplicate the great teamwork shown on the prior leg without pressure during a crazy leg – and they did. On top of all of that, I just like their attitude towards the Race, each other and even their competitors. They are the team that I most want to share a beer with, which I will let them buy me since they may very well be millionaires by the season end.


2) Adam & Bethany (Married surfers). While the cyclists typify excelling while enjoying themselves, the Soul Surfers do the same for the respectful, considerate and loving couple set. I know they explained they’re technically still in the honeymoon phase, but I hope the way they interact with each other doesn’t wane. With every task, regardless of how demanding, like the Parking Lot Detour in Denmark or the treasure hunt on the first leg, they have yet to let the pressure of the Race turn into anything other than encouragement to each other. I also applaud their ability to keep focused on their race and not getting bogged down in what the other teams are doing, saying or yelling. In that regard, Adam & Bethany are very similar to Kym & Alli.

3) Misti & Jim (Married dentists). I wish I didn’t have to put Team DDS so high in the rankings, but even without factoring in the Save, this married team still has fared pretty well. What they accomplished on the first three legs can’t be discounted just because they experienced a freefall in Denmark. They recovered some on this leg by overcoming a Speed Bump and moving up to fifth place. That counts for something, but their main flaw seems to be coming from the one thing that I applauded them for on the first few legs: attention to detail. Misti missed the order reciting detail about the order number two weeks ago. This week, neither of them noticed the one-handed tray holding technique. The pressure seems to be getting the best of them but I doubt it’s a permanent issue.

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