The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 5 Recap

Morocc' and Roll

By Daron Aldridge

October 28, 2014

In a few years, we'll be one of the worst Amazing Race teams ever!

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After a fairly telling leg in Scandinavia, the teams are packing up and saying “Afsked, Denmark” this week for the bustling streets of Morocco. It was "telling" because cyclists Kym & Alli proved how well they can perform and the dental duo of Misti & Jim fell pretty hard off of their high horse. Luckily for them (and no one else), the leg was a non-elimination and thus, they saved their Save.

Before we hit Morocco, here’s a look at my rankings this week (not factoring in the Save and Express Pass):

1) Kym & Alli (Friends/cyclists). Team Quicksilver
2) Misti & Jim (Married dentists). Team DDS or Chompers.
3) Adam & Bethany (Married surfers). Soul Surfers.
4) Brooke & Robbie (Dating wrestlers). Tag Team.
5) Keith & Whitney (Engaged/Survivor alum).
6) Amy & Maya (Friends/PhD Students). Team Candy Crush
7) Tim & Te Jay (Dating). Team TNT
8) Shelley & Nici (Mother/Daughter). Super Fannies.

Not only in my rankings but in actuality, the leaders of the pack this week are cyclists Kym & Alli who exemplified "great performance" last week. That first place finish resulted in them each getting a new car. The girls express that their goal is to replicate the success of the last leg where they didn’t feel the pressure of other teams in a scenario with the others around.

Team Quicksilver leaves the mat nearly two and a half hours before the second place team but as is the case with the Amazing Race, departure leads mean nothing. The earliest flight to Marrakesh, Morocco, (this leg’s destination) departs at 8:15 a.m., so it will be one big happy reunion in the airport.


Okay… maybe not so happy when the teams realize that Misti & Jim aren’t still in the Race because they used their Save but because it was a non-elimination leg. Of course, Jim proclaims that the teams need to be afraid because “Team Domination is back.” I refuse to accept Jim’s chosen nickname and after the last leg’s pitiful showing, he shouldn’t be proclaiming any form of domination.

Big Dr. Jim then hypothesizes that if a U-Turn comes up, the teams would be foolish to use it on them knowing that they couldn’t be eliminated. As is the case with most things Jim says, I disagree. The U-Turn is the PERFECT opportunity to flush out the Save and get the Chompers back on the same level as the others.

Also before leaving, Super Fannies Shelley & Nici proclaim that they have worked through their mommy/daughter communication issues and the others should be warned. A conversation in private outside the heat of competition is not necessarily proof they will prosper and teams really shouldn’t be afraid of the Super Fannies until they have actually shown us something to be afraid of competition-wise.

Touching down and with everyone bombarding the Marrakesh cab stand, the teams are heading to the Jemaa el-Fnaa market square where they have to find the food cart garage.

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