The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 4 Recap

Thinly sliced anchovies

By Daron Aldridge

October 22, 2014

More fun than almost every other team.

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Last week, firefighters Michael & Scott failed to live up to the motto Boston Strong (or at least Scott's ankle didn't) and they were eliminated from the Race. To make this situation even sadder, his ankle injury didn't happen from pushing himself too hard in a challenge. Nope...he did it walking across a street.

Three episodes in and three teams gone, we are looking at just eight teams still striving for the million dollar purse. But if history tells us anything, this week or next will be a non-elimination, thus stalling out progress.

Before we delve into this week's Race festivities, let's remind you that the dentists Misti & Jim still have the Save and the surfing duo of Adam & Bethany still have an Express Pass.

In lieu of a formal (read: exhaustively verbose) power rankings, here is my quick summation of the remaining teams:
1) Team DDS Misti & Jim: See the aforementioned Save and the fact that they have either been first or second in the last three legs.
2) Team Hang Ten Adam & Bethany: Positive, competitive and holding onto an Express Pass, which isn't as omnipotent as the Save but still quite a nice advantage to have.
3) Psycho Cyclists Kym & Alli: Probably renaming them Quicksilver (see: 1980s Kevin Bacon bike messenger movie for more info). A fun team that isn't taking themselves or the Race too seriously.
4) Survivor's Keith & Whitney: He's setting himself up as this season's resident jerk but that hasn't exactly hurt them yet.
5) Tag Team of wrestling couple Brooke & Robbie: They may be equal to the cyclists on the fun-loving meter, if Brooke could not step so close to the edge of meltdown.
6) Candy Crush scientists Amy & Maya: I like them and they have held their own on some tasks but I think they might be in over the heads if the tasks get too physical.
7) Team TNT Tim & Te Jay: The guys started the season strong and were shaken pretty badly last week, mainly with the sheep. Not sure they can recover.
8) Super Fannies Shelley & Nici: Too emotionally fragile and ready to cry to be seriously considered as contenders.


Teams are roused from their Pitstop slumber, which this time was in tents on a sandy bank, and once again, Misti & Jim leave in first.

The teams will have to take a 13-hour ferry ride to Aberdeen, Scotland, and then to get airfare to Copenhagen, Denmark. With news from the ferry ticket agent that the ferry doesn't leave until the afternoon, the dentists know everyone will be on the same schedule, at least until the airport.

The ticket agent tells the married couple that there are no travel agents where they are but they could use the Internet in the library. They head to there to see what is available before just sitting around the ferry dock.

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