Survivor: San Juan del Sur Power Rankings

Week 4

By Ben Willoughby

October 21, 2014

He's probably still talking about Keith's idol comments.

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Last week, Hunahpu demonstrated what I’ve been saying for weeks – that they are just as big a bunch of idiots as Coyopa. Probst asked the question at their first Tribal Council: “Was it a brilliant tribal or absolute chaos?” From Hunahpu’s perspective, it was clearly absolute chaos, but for the audience it was probably both.

Here are the power rankings for this week. However, with a tribe switch coming up next episode, I didn’t put a lot of thought into them.


I don’t feel so bad now for not knowing what was going on in Hunahpu, because clearly no one else in the tribe knew what was going on, either. The so-called men’s “alliance” of five split their votes across four different castaways. By this point, they’ve had ten days to get on the same page about who to vote out first. Get it together, dummies! Meanwhile the four women had a common target and were able to vote out Drew. Still, I don’t think the women’s alliance will stick over the long term, it will just force a re-negotiation.

1. Jeremy

I talk about Keith later on, but for now I’ll ask this: “Who is the greater fool, the man who claims the popular guy on the tribe has an idol, or the popular guy who should have found the idol in the first place?” Jeremy had better have extenuating circumstances for not finding it, like “I have a severe idol allergy” or “I promised my mother I wouldn’t.” But Jeremy is still the popular guy and has everyone listening to him about Keith.


2. Reed

We haven’t seen much of Reed, except that he’s hanging out with the people who think of themselves as tribe leaders. Smart man.

3. Natalie

Natalie was the one we saw be instrumental in the Drew vote out, but that’s probably because she’s loudest. Anyway, she was talking about Keith with the power group of Jeremy, Jon, Drew and Reed, and later on about three of those four, and she was also the one we saw take the “let’s vote out Drew” proposal to Jeremy, so her position in the tribe seems reasonably secure. Also, she does a pretty good impression of Keith. Is it wrong that she is becoming my favorite member of Hunahpu? Probably not, because that assessment throws under “damning with faint praise."

4. Kelley

There was a Kelley sighting this week! Also, she has apparently watched a lot of Survivor and could be a strategic threat in the game. Of course, that assessment comes from Drew, someone dim enough to say, “Hey, let’s vote out Kelley!” within earshot of Kelley.

5. Keith

Keith goofed up a couple of times last week. After not finding the hidden immunity idol, he frames up Jeremy – the one guy on the tribe who seems to have solid relationships with everyone except Julie – for having sneaked it. And then he goes ahead and finds the idol anyway. No wonder that up until the last Tribal Council, Keith hadn’t heard about sub-alliances. Anyway, Keith broke the firefighter code! His ass is grass.

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