The Amazing Race 25 Episode 3 Recap

Get Your Sheep Together

By Daron Aldridge

October 13, 2014

Big biceps don't help with injured ankles.

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After last week's waterworks and histrionics, it appears that each leg has the possibility of including a meltdown. Granted, the elimination of Dennis & Isabelle does diminish that possibility some but I'm sure another team will fill the tear-soaked void.

Before seeing what misadventures await the teams, here are the abbreviated power rankings for this week.

1) Misti & Jim (Married). Team DDS.

2) Adam & Bethany (Married). Team Hang Ten or Soul Surfers

3) Kym & Alli (Friends). Psycho Cyclists.

4) Tim & Te Jay (Dating). Team TNT.

5) Brooke & Robbie (Dating). Tag Team.

6) Amy & Maya (Friends/PhD Students). Team Candy Crush.

7) Keith & Whitney (Engaged). Survivor alums.

8) Michael & Scott (Friends). Team Office Fire.

9) Shelley & Nici (Mother/Daughter). Super Fannies.

The new owners of the Express Pass lead off this week at midnight and are directed to the train station.

Lots of travel for teams this week before they even really start the leg. (Deep breath)...first, they must take a train from Oxford to Aberdeen, Scotland...then they must drive a marked car from the train station to a ferry, where they will then board the ferry to Shetland Islands...finally, the teams must drive themselves to Royal National Lifeboat Station to search for a costumed puffin...(exhale). Yup. All that has to be done before they get to their first task.


The surfing newlyweds get to the train station and camp out for six hours until the ticket counter opens. As the teams leave the Pitstop to follow Team Hang Ten's lead to wait, there are two notable events. Most Race-impacting, the big, burly firefighter Scotty is felled by gravity and a cobblestone path while walking to the station. The reward for his nasty spill is an ankle that is black and blue and swollen to the size of a grapefruit. It's hard to run a Race with a bum ankle - just ask David of torn Achilles infamy. Scott insists upon just powering through.

More humorously, the cyclists Kym & Alli decide that the lame-o strategy of just hanging out or sleeping on a train station floor isn't the best way to fully appreciate this travel experience. But hitting a local pub definitely is the best way. While we've seen teams appreciating the travel by soaking in the sights while driving through the countries, this seems to be the first time said "soaking in" involved soaking their sobriety in liquor.

Obviously, everyone is on the same train but they also all find the car pickup and ferry boarding easily since they were apparently within 100 feet of each other. While on the ferry, Scott gets to continue elevating his ankle and the other teams get a glimpse at what looks like a bruised gourd at the end of his leg.

No one seems too excited about the prospect of this being detrimental to Team Office Fire's chances because I think that deep down (or even completely top of mind) the teams know that Michael & Scott aren't really the Race threats they would like to appear to be.

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