Survivor: San Juan del Sur Power Rankings

Week 3

By Ben Willoughby

October 15, 2014

Pick the most forgettable player of the two and win a prize! Hint: it's a tie for worst!

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In last week's episode of Survivor, Coyopa lost their third immunity challenge but also voted out John Rocker. So while they may not be outplaying, outwitting or outlasting, you can't fault them for their taste. Also, Hunahpu continued to be dull.

Here are the power rankings for this week.


Coyopa finally won a challenge. I mean, not the challenge that really counted, but they won a challenge. And because they had coincidentally run out of non-white people to vote out (awk-ward) they voted out John Rocker, in the first blindside of the season.

1. Josh

I like Josh, and he is clearly in the catbird seat right now after pulling off the blindside to vote out John Rocker. But I don’t think he’s as smart as the show is making him out to be. Look at the tribe post mortem after the vote for Val. He suspects John Rocker flipped, but he tells John Rocker that he, Josh, was the one who flipped. I don’t get why you’d say that to the only person who really does know who flipped, because it instantly tells that person. Luckily for Josh, it was John Rocker he told, so no damage done.

2. Wes

Wes won the reward challenge by beating out his dad, but the downside was everyone saw him cry. As for why I’ve put him at #2, see Alec at #4.

3. Baylor

Out of everyone, Josh seems to be most closely allied with Baylor. She doesn’t seem to realize it, which is unsurprising given all of Josh’s shadiness in just the first nine days – including voting for Baylor. I predict that her vicious cycle of "no one trusts Baylor because she has been deemed untrustworthy" will continue until she is either voted out, or used as a scapegoat to soak up the jury bitterness at the final Tribal Council.

4. Alec

Alec just seems to be going along with whatever Wes says.


5. Jaclyn

Jaclyn just seemed out of the loop with everything at Tribal Council. I get that she doesn’t trust the guys to vote out John Rocker and not her, but she couldn’t have done more to divert attention from herself and encourage John Rocker to play his idol.

6. Dale

Just like that, Dale is relegated to being the old guy who is useless in challenges. Oh well, nice knowing you, Dale.


When it comes to Hunahpu, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Or to put a more positive, Indiana Jones-type spin on it, I’m making this up as I go along. The tribe has a boring camp life (this week’s highlight – fixing the roof!) and doesn’t even have the decency to go to Tribal Council once in a while so we get a window into its dynamics! I’m so sick of Hunahpu.

1. Jeremy

Jeremy was all too willing to spill the dirt on John Rocker now that he’s not relying on him to protect his wife. I realize that every Hunahpu was already primed to dislike John Rocker as being the big, aggressive doofus on the other tribe who seems to be making the big decisions (even though he isn’t really), but it was interesting how quickly everyone managed to agree with Jeremy’s big reveal that John Rocker was a racist homophobe, and no one questioned Jeremy's memory of what was said in a decade-old interview that he probably wasn't paying much attention to.

Also of note: no hidden immunity idol for Jeremy. Da-yumn.

2. Jon

Who knows (or cares) what Jon is up to right now. But he’s still the “physical guy” on his team.

3. Natalie

Natalie’s social game is not her strength, as shown by poking Drew with palm fronds to wake him up and then criticizing his work ethic in front of everyone. It did make me like her more, though. However, her willingness to buy into Jeremy's "I distinctly remember that this guy was a racist ten years ago and probably hasn't changed" line and her big mouth at the immunity challenge show why she is a great person to take to the end.

4. Reed

What can one say about a man like Reed? Not a lot, given that Hunahpu had about five minutes of screen time, and none of them with Reed.

5. Kelley

Are we sure there’s a Kelley? Maybe she only exists in the minds of enthusiastic Wikipedia editors. Certainly not in the minds of unenthusiastic Survivor editors.

6. Drew

Palm frond weaving must be exhausting! Next week’s episode seems to be ramping up the “Drew is the tribe outsider” meme. Come on Drew – you should be using your idiocy to your advantage!

7. Keith

Keith has an idol clue that basically tells him exactly where it is buried. If no one finds it by next episode, I’m going to be in utter despair.

8. Missy

Missy was the one assigned to go check on Julie. That probably means she is the lowest person on the Hunahpu pecking order not named Julie.

9. Julie

I don’t see how Julie will be able to form any real alliances in her tribe, given that their big bonding moment involved hating her boyfriend. Regardless of personal taste, that’s rough.

Those are the power rankings for this week. Given my feelings about who is #1 on each tribe, I expect some poor leadership decisions on both tribes in the near future. Check them out in tonight's episode and come back tomorrow for the recap by David and Kim.



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