The Amazing Race Recap

Episode 1 - Part 2

By Daron Aldridge

October 1, 2014

In the second half of the episode, the same team stops them from stealing a taxi. Karma!

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The teams rush up the lighted staircase in front of them in Times Square to get their bags and first clue. Ripping into it, they are directed to begin their Race at the same place where the first season ended. Oh, now it makes even more sense for them to trot out Race alumnae that we haven’t seen in 13 years, like Frank, to this event and even point out that he is there.

All the teams scurry down the stairs to Frank and get the destination: Unisphere at Flushing Meadow Park. It’s time for a cab sprint in Times Square with no one really in the lead and everyone barking their destination orders to their cabbie. I do give credit that each of the teams seems genuinely elated to be on the Race.

The first team at the clue box is surfers Adam & Bethany. The clue directs them to not-so-enviable airport of JFK for their departure to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. There are two flights earmarked for teams, with the first one leaving 40 minutes earlier on American Airlines for five teams. The remaining six teams will be on a Delta flight.

The married couple hurries off to avoid being seen, even though there isn’t anybody around, it appears.


As expected since they were the first team to find their clue, Soul Surfer and her soul mate get to the airport first. When they get into the regular ticketing line for American Airlines, Bethany questions if they should be looking for another specifically marked location since they are getting on a predetermined flight. Adam assures her they are where they should be.

Alas, they are not. Tim & Te Jay get there next and immediately hustle over to the marked ticket counter and get the first spot on the first flight. The surfers remain in line but then see the dating Dennis & Isabelle rush over toward the correct counter, so they follow suit. That makes three teams on the first flight so far.

They are quickly joined by psycho cyclists Kym & Alli for spot four.

Cut to two teams arriving at the airport next: Team DDS Misti & Jim and Survivor alumnae Keith & Whitney. Run, run, run… and the dentists stake claim on the final seats on the plane. Dejected Team Survivor(?) shuffles over to the Delta desk for their second flight assignment.

As the first flight prepares to leave, Dennis breaks down the teams onboard and names Tim & Te Jay Team TNT. I think that might stick because I can’t come up with anything else at this point. Plus, the dentists get a little post-production sparkle effect on their gleaming white smiles.

As both planes full of teams leave NYC for the islands, the unsuspecting residents of the US Virgin Islands are about to be invaded by crazed mainlanders. Once they land, the teams have to make their way to Vendors Plaza.

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