The Amazing Race Recap

Episode 1 - Part 1

By Daron Aldridge

September 30, 2014

In the first half of the episode, they steal a pen from some dudes.

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Twenty-four seasons are behind us for this Amazing Race with several living up to that lofty name. While some may have been disappointing due to lackluster or particularly unlikeable teams, it’s rarely ever dull. We kick of this milestone season with a batch of fresh faces to the Race game.

No All-Stars or Unfinished Business teams to monopolize the season this time.

(My fan suggestion to the producers: I know many people justifiably despised the Family Edition because it was restricted to North American travel, given the ages of some team members. But that was in 2005, so today all of those youngsters are now adults and can do the Race properly. It’s just a thought to see how they would fare on the Amazing Race – Original Recipe.)

The spring saw our first ever parent/child victors in David & Connor and it took two attempts on the Race to make that happen. Will that continue to be the case or has the trend officially been bucked? Probably the former since this season there is only one parent/child team competing.

Our genial host Phil tells us that they have returned to New York City for this season as a callback to that very first one 13 years ago. That time they started at Wall Street; this time they are in the heart of Times Square with a live audience of fans and former teams, including NY-based runner-up Frank.

(Of note to me: Based upon the flashback footage, Phil’s grandiose “GO!” was downright understated 25 seasons ago and has evolved quite nicely.)


Before we meet these wannabe millionaires, the producers of the show have jumped on the #hashtag train and assign tags to each of the teams. Because I am rebellious in so few parts of my life, I will not be bound by these nicknames/hashtags (for the most part).

Please note this is the order they are introduced and this is not indicative of my preference. You'll have to wait for that on my first power rankings later this week.

  • Adam & Bethany (Married). This team is probably the most pop culturally relevant of the least, she is anyway. Bethany was the subject of the film Soul Surfer, about the girl who lost her left arm to a shark attack but went on to become a pro surfer. So clearly the woman knows something about perseverance. Adam seems equally fit and a good match. They hopefully will maintain the positivity that shows in their introduction. Team Hang Ten is my name for them and their hashtag is #SoulSurfers.

  • Amy & Maya (Friends/PhD Students). Here’s a team that is describing themselves as the “Sweet Scientists” but what does that actually mean? Apparently, the girls are food scientists/Ph.D. students focusing on candy and ice cream. They are clearly trying to corner the “adorkable” market on this season but they insist they are “more than lab coats” and will be tough competitors on the Race. But doesn’t every team say that? It’s not like they get cast because they think, “well, we might win but probably not. We’re pretty weak overall.” I’d like to label them Team Candy Crush over #SweetScientists.

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