Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 1, Part 2

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

September 25, 2014

Celebrate good times, come on!

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Josh, Reed’s boyfriend, is already struggling on day three at Coyopa. He has suffered some sort of eye infection and appears to be a man in desperate need of a pirate patch. His left eye has swelled shut. He deduces that there is some sort of branch that is creating allergic reactions. The tribe members remove the offending foliage from camp.

Over at Hunahpu, Handsome Jon relays a heartbreaking story regarding his father. Papa o’ Jon has a brain tumor, and his outlook is grim. Jon faced a choice of spending more quality time with his father or participating on the show. Since Jon’s dad is a huge fan of Survivor, Jon decided to join the cast. Hopefully, his father is able to watch his son play the game very well for the entire season.

Probst Returns: The Probstening! Do you want to win more challenges? Sure, we all do. Val and Keith return from Exile Island to join their tribes for the Immunity Challenge. Probst is quick to point out how screwed they are since they haven’t had a chance to build any alliances or relationships. Judging just by the way he’s changed during the many seasons of Survivor, Probst is going to be such a cranky old man.

This very first Immunity Challenge has the tribes scrambling on the ground underneath a wooden structure – which makes for visually arresting television, actually. Then they have to retrieve some bags from a high hanging post. The guys lift the lighter females onto their shoulders to accomplish this feat.


Next up, the teams have to choose a player who will launch a ball up to where it will hopefully catch. Once done, they’ll have a rope they can use to ascend a steep wall. Rocker gets his tribe off to a solid lead as he quickly secures the rope and his team is up and over the wall.

Then, they’re able to use pegs for the next wall. Both teams work really well together throughout the wall-climbing portion of the challenge. Eventually, they have to climb a wall using whatever means they can. Rocker pretty much is responsible for getting his entire team over the body, sacrificing his body as a kind of grappling bridge. Coyopa gets a lead and has started on the inevitable puzzle.

It’s not long before Hunahpu has caught up, and they are better at puzzles than Coyopa. They fit the final piece in its place and Hunahpu. Wins. Immunity! Probst is quick to point out the aspect of the Blood vs. Water game that is most interesting. Even as a team is celebrating their challenge win, they are realizing that their family member is about to go. The Hunahpu tribe members quickly become somber as they realize that their loved one could be the first person voted out.

And now it’s time to play “It’s Anyone But the Old Guy.” We’ve already mentioned that Dale has been semi-separated from the rest of the group for a good portion of the game, and he’s clearly worried that his tribe might follow the proud Survivor tradition of ousting their elders first.

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