The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 12

By Daron Aldridge

May 19, 2014

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It all comes down to this, folks....a last stop in the Disney World for adults: Las Vegas. Traversing the planet can be exhausting, but the million dollar carrot dangling at the end is plenty of incentive to fight through the exhaustion. It's only fitting that the teams try to cross the finish line in a place that has been giving people false hopes of wealth for decades.

For a season that, on paper, was going to be dreadful and irritating, this has been a fun one and I must admit that I'm a bit saddened that it's ending. So for the last time this season, here's how I believe this season will shake out.

  1. David & Connor, Team Murphy's Law/father and son: If I was a betting man, then this team is where all my chips would be placed. The numbers don't lie and the numbers this season point to a victory by David & Connor. Back to the numbers, in eleven legs, Team Murphy's Law has claimed 1st place FIVE times, 2nd place once, 3rd place twice and 4th place three times. While they haven't dominated as handily as Meghan & Cheyne did a few seasons ago, the competition with these All-Stars should have lent itself to diluting the chance that one team would be a clear frontrunner. Add into the equation that this team did various tasks (either in part or in whole) more than once because of the Race-leaching that was Jennifer & Caroline and their performance is even more impressive. Let's all try to forget about Connor's soccer ineptness from last week, though. Despite the slip in likeability for me with their petty U-Turn vendetta, they did some damage control last week and returned to the more friendly and congenial persona that endeared them to audiences in the first place. It would take a major screw-up for Team Murphy's Law to lose this season. I'm hopeful that they can pull off the victory. [In my initial predictions/preview for the season, I picked this team to finish in second place.]

  2. Brendon & Rachel, Team Fetch/Big Brother: I don't whether its maturity, marriage or simply watching their first Race season and how horribly grating they came across - but whatever it was, I am grateful. I dreaded this season because of the depth of irritating teams invited back, yet the Big Brother vets surprised me. They didn't dwell on mistakes and let them derail them entirely. I dare say they even grew as people as witnessed Rachel encouraging Luke to not quit at the bartending challenge. Whiny Rachel didn't arrive to the Race until the last leg and it was probably do to being so close to the final leg. Her devolving into tears and Brendon's uncaring scolding of her to "STOP crying" hearkened back to their first Race attempt. Surprisingly, once she dried her eyes, they moved forward to get third. If they can avoid the pressure and stress causing another breakdown, second place should be in their future. How have they fared this season at the Pitstops, you may ask? 1st place three times, 2nd place twice, 3rd and 4th place once each. They also were spared elimination. It's not a bad showing but history doesn't point to them being able to overtake David & Connor at the end. [In my initial predictions/preview for the season, I picked Team Fetch to claim fourth place.]

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  4. Jennifer & Caroline, singers: Earlier I mentioned that the teams are pretty wiped out from global travels but more than likely Jennifer & Caroline aren't too tired though since they have been carried the entire Race by others. So, if they win it all, I blame those that allowed themselves to enable the singers' co-dependent strategy. Once again, I will give them credit for tearing it up on the last leg in England. The girls demonstrated a level-headedness and overall aptitude for tasks that they have been keeping hidden because of the aforementioned coattail riding. The Shoot It Detour, in particular, was admirable and as a viewer, I wish the girls had chosen to prove themselves worthy of being on this season earlier. Regardless, they could only muster three 2nd place finishes and 3rd and 4th place once each. Also, and dare I say more indicative of their abilities, they were spared elimination TWICE this season. I will be surprised and disappointed if Jennifer & Caroline win the whole shebang and claim the title of Least Deserving Team to Win. [In my initial predictions/preview for the season, I picked these freeloaders to freeload (which they did) but only end up in eighth place.]

The last time The Amazing Race ended in Las Vegas it featured a cameo by Vegas staple Wayne Newton. This final leg seems to feature Vegas legend David Copperfield in a more prominent role as they teams have to master an illusion with Copperfield in attendance. I just hope that the challenge isn't just a subjective judgment of their skills because let's be honest, the blonds will clearly fit Copperfield's Claudia Schiffer-type and get some leniency on the judging.

Enough of my final set of rankings for the season, let's hit the strip and see who claims the title of Amazing Race All-Stars champs and a million bucks.

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