Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Finale - Week 13

By Jim Van Nest

May 20, 2014

Trying to remember how to conjugate verbs in Llama

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O! M! G! It is Survivor Finale Week...already! Hello, good people, and welcome to the final BOP Survivor: Cagayan Power Rankings of the season. And what a season it has been. I've had the worst time trying to predict who was going home. I mean, how many times did we actually get to Tribal Council and still not know who was going home?

With that in mind, I fully expect the finale to be every bit as wild as the rest of the season. My rankings today are NOT predicting the order in which people will finish. They are, as always, my opinion on who has the best chance to actually win this game. So, even though someone might be a lock for the final Tribal, if that person will get no voted, they still have no chance to win. All this begin said, let's get right to it...

1) Spencer - That's right...the underdog has found his way back to the top of the Power Rankings. Why? Because he has an outstanding shot at winning every challenge left in the game. And if he makes the final Tribal, he wins. I'm sure people out there will argue with me about the quality of his game versus Tony's. Or his game against Kass. But I think it's very obvious that the jury is rooting for Spencer and will vote for him if he makes the end.

2) Tony - If Spencer loses a challenge, he'll be gone. If that happens, Tony has to be the odds on favorite to win this game. He and Spencer have played the best games all season long. I'm not sure I agree with the Trish vote last week, but he has been playing a hard game from the outset. Woo might be seen as a coattail rider and Kass is not liked. So, without Spencer in the final, it's Tony's game to lose.

3) Woo - In the event that the game does go to a Final Two, instead of a Final would behoove Woo and Kass to get rid of Spencer and Tony, if at all possible. In the unlikely event that happens, Woo is your winner. I've compared Woo to Fabio Birza all season long and it could really hold true next week. He could win immunity, dump Spencer. Win immunity, dump Tony. Then win the final Tribal because no one is going to throw a vote to Kass to win. Long shot here, but in the realm of possibility.


4) Kass - I know I've had her at the bottom of my rankings for weeks now and she keeps hanging around. I don't think that says that she can win this game, though. In fact, I've been saying it for weeks and it stands, I don't think she has a chance at all to win this game. I think she's a virtual lock to make a final Tribal whether it's two or three - which means, she'll actually finish ahead of at least one person above her in these rankings...maybe two. But she can't win. Can't. Win. Despite having none other than Jonny Fairplay in her corner, she will never get the votes to win this game. I look forward to hearing her try to justify votes in the end, but I see no chance she'll get them.

And there you have it, kids! The final Power Rankings of Survivor: Cagayan. Agree with me? Think I'm an idiot? Again, you're Lynne Spillman and you feel like you HAVE to get me on this show? I'm always available on the Twitter at: @vannestjc. Tweet me, follow me!!! Be sure to check back Thursday for Part One of the Season finale of Survivor: Cagayan! 'Til then, take care!



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