Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 12

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 13, 2014

Someone push Probst closer to the flame.

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Can it really be the second to last episode of the season?!?! Hello, good people, and thank you for joining me on my penultimate Survivor: Cagayan Power Rankings. Before getting to this week's rankings, which won't change too much, I have to say how much I hated to see Tasha go last week. I think there was a good game in her somewhere, but falling behind the eight-ball early and a couple of questionable decisions ended her run for the title a couple days too soon. I have to go back to the decision not to buy into the Auction advantage. If she or Spencer could have gotten that idol, the complexion of the game could possibly have been changed. But she didn't. Tony won the clue, found the idol and put a death grip on this game. With that, we'll start right there...

1) Tony - Right now, I don't see how you can put anyone but #teamtv in the top spot. Granted, this week's Tribal is the last time he can use either of his idols, but he can spend this week setting the table for the end game. Obviously, he can save himself with the Tyler Perry idol, but he can also save someone else with the other idol. Imagine what he could do if he wins immunity this week. If he sits at the end with anyone not named Spencer, I don't see how anyone could justify not voting for him to win this game. So, you have to think ousting Spencer this week will be priority #1 for Tony and his bag of tricks.

2) Spencer - Because I think he wins a vote in any combination of Final 2/3, Spencer sits at #2 this week. With Tasha out of the game, Woo is the only person who's even come close to challenging Spencer in a challenge. Look it up, Spencer has been on every reward since the merge and he's won two of six individual immunities (and he finished second to Tasha in at least two of the others). If there's anyone that can win out and force his way into the final Tribal, it's Spencer. But, if he loses, he's likely toast.

3) Woo - Woo is legitimately the only other person I think can win this game. And I consider it a long shot. He hasn't done anything to show himself as a strategic player. He's basically stuck with Tony no matter what. And while that is a strategy to itself, it's not one that is usually respected by jury members in Survivor. The only time that works is when the workhorse of the alliance is so hated that Natalie White becomes a Survivor winner. Tony, despite the thoughts of many viewers, is not hated out on that island. Woo's sole chance to win this thing revolves around being able to get rid of Spencer and having his name on the handle of the knife in Tony's back.


4) Trish - I put Trish ahead of Kass because Trish at least has a very minimal chance of getting the votes to win this thing. She's been behind some of the decisions that helped her alliance get control of the game, but I don't think anyone will give her the credit for those. In a great secret scene from last week's episode, Tasha asks Kass and Trish who should get the credit for Kass flipping and the argument that ensued was pretty funny. And telling. I fully believe Trish had a lot to do with Kass flipping, but Kass doesn't see it that way. I think the jury may agree with that, so I'm not sure Trish would get any votes other than one or two "I refuse to vote for Tony" votes.

5) Kass - I've been predicting her demise for a while now and she keeps hanging on. It doesn't change the fact that I still believe she has a 0.0% chance of winning this game. There is no one she can be sitting next to that would make jurors want to give her the money. Will she go home this week? I don't know. Maybe. But one thing is for sure, next Wednesday night, when Jeff says, "The winner of Survivor: Cagayan...” the next word will not be "Kass."

Alrighty kids...thanks for sticking with me through this up and down season of Survivor. I'll be back later this week with the recap of Wednesday's episode. And then right here next week, same time, for the Power Rankings that will determine the winner of Survivor - Cagayan. Wait, what? This is already finished? So my rankings have meant absolutely nothing all season?? Dammit!

What are your final five power rankings? Tweet me or message me: @vannestjc! ‘Til Thursday, take care!



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