Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 11 Part Two

Havoc to Wreak

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 12, 2014

They still love her in the Lou.

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We come back from break to yet another Probst Sighting! And it's time for an immunity challenge. Before they get to the challenge, Jeff suggests that if Tasha wins this challenge, it will be four in a row and will tie her with Kelly Wigglesworth for the best streak. I wonder if he means "for girls," because challenge master Colby Donaldson ("REID!") won five in a row in the Outback. But I digress... This challenge is simple enough, so it would seem. There are six stations set up: bamboo poles, crabs, coconuts, rocks, masks and fishing traps. The task at hand is to count the number of each thing and then enter it into a combination lock. First person to get all six numbers right, unlock their lock and break their tile wins immunity. Survivors ready! Go!!

This is a tough challenge to recap, since you never know who's in the lead. People keep counting them coming back and trying the numbers, only to not open the lock. How many numbers are wrong, no idea? So, there's not much to recap other than everyone comes back several times to try their locks and in the end, it's...Spencer who wins individual immunity and is safe from the vote at Tribal Council.

And now it's time to play "It's Anyone But Tasha." We get back to camp and the discussion turns to Tasha not winning immunity and Spencer winning. Tony suggests that they should share the wealth. Tash is bummed, but says she still has some havoc to wreak. We join Spencer, Tasha and Woo discussing how the voting will go. They decide the guys will vote Tony and the girls will vote Trish. If Tony doesn't use his idol, he goes home on the revote. If he does, Trish goes home on the revote. Tasha tells us that she's still nervous about Woo, but hopes he does what he says he will. Her plan now is to act like she's going home tonight so as not to alert Tony to their scheme.


She gets back to camp and has a very awkward conversation with Tony (while Spencer looks on) about how the writing's on the wall. She then says she is gonna go to the pond for a little while. As she walks away, Tony tells Spencer that she's too calm. "When did you ever see her concede?" He tells us that Tash being so comfortable with going home suggests that maybe she doesn't think she is going home. We see him talking to Woo, Trish and Spencer, saying that the fact that she's not talking to anyone or trying to pull anyone to the side suggests she's comfortable. He tells them that if she thinks she's gonna get him with an idol or something, she won't. He's playing his idol tonight. He tells us that he will definitely have the TP idol with him, just in case.

Kass and Tasha are down on the beach discussing the plan. Tasha says something about Tony running his alliance on fear. "He's our version of Russell Hantz." He's a bully and he's not likable. All that stuff. Um, Tasha...when you're working on a deal to get rid of a player this close to the end, you probably shouldn't start a laundry list of why you should carry said "bully" to the end. With all of these comments fresh in her head, Kass is now waffling on her previous waffle that stemmed from her original waffle. She's now starting to think about how the jerk never gets the votes at the final Tribal Council and that Tony might be the perfect goat to take to the end. That's not bad thinking, except in this game it would seem that it's more likely Tony will choose a goat instead of being chosen as a goat. But, whatever, right? Kass is on a roll. Right before Tribal, Kass pulls Woo aside to see if he wants to stick with the plan, or change back to Tony's side and vote out Tasha. Woo, God love him, just looks confused. He tells us that things have just gotten insane! And with that, we're off to Tribal.

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